A Piece Of Your Mind Season 2 is an Upcoming K-Drama. You recognize that during this messy world, all are busy in some stuff. But I’m pretty sure that you simply find can find love anywhere.

we’ve seen that some love stories remain incomplete, and a few love stories going well, So we got you another romance form Korean Drama, “A Piece of your Mind.” Let’s see will see this romance again. For more detail, do read.

A piece of mind may be a South Korean Drama Directed and written by Lee Sang-Yoon and created by Studio Dragon. the entire story revolves round the love between a boy and a woman . in order that they use the Korean language for dialogues.

Each episode’s playtime is 70 minutes as you all know that a piece of your mind season consists of 12 events. you’ll see the series on the official channel name tvN.

A Piece Of Your Mind Season 2

A Piece of Your Thoughts Season 2 Release Date

A Piece Of Your Mind season 2 isn’t to happen anytime this year. Moreover only after being satisfied with the viewership of the primary season, the show will move forward for having a replacement season.


The whole storyline of Apiece Of Your Minds revolves around Han Seo Woo and Moon Ha Won. They both are working in several places, So Moon Ha Won, The founding father of M& H company, and therefore the girl, she features a bright and positive personality.along with that, she has family issues also as Social life. As we all do in our life once we are upset, so we use to doing something to refreshing our minds. Similarly, she is solving math problems. So i’m excited to ascertain it.

The trailer for season 2 of a piece Of Your Mind is way from its release. We still don’t have a thought about the plot, but it seems that they’re going to continue the plot of Season 1 in Season 2 as we see within the previous season that the primary season of a piece Of Your Minds has not shown.

The young characters, the sound engineer, and therefore the programmer fall for every other. So will they show the love between them? Well, it’ll be interesting. We are ready with our pop cones.

The plot of it, however, may bring Seo Woo’s one-sided like to evolve more and the way she deals with it. Whether the romance gets started or it remains one-sided is what we’ll see during a Piece Of Your Mind season 2.

A Piece of Your Minds Season 2 Cast

Jung Hae In Played with Moon Ha Won’s role, as Chae Soo Bin within the role of an intelligence developer and Han Seo Woo, as a classical recording engineer, would be the Show’s protagonist.

While Kim Sung Kyu, as Kang is a component of this Show, Nam Da Reum is cast as Ha Won. The Show comprises of several supportive projects like Lee Sang Hee as Jeon Eun Joo, Park Joo Hyun as Kim Ji Soo, Kang Bong Sung as Kim Chang Seob, Kim Noo Ri as Choi Soo Ji, Kim Jung Woo as Kim Hoon, Woo Ji Hyun as Bae Jin Hwan, Hong Woo Jin as Min Joon, Lee Seung Joon as Choi Jin Moo and Lee Jung Eun as Kim Min Jung.

Despite the very fact That the Official Cast of ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ season 2 isn’t finalized yet, we expect an equivalent cast to leads the series. On the opposite hand, the word are going to be given by the founders of the Show.

The first season of a piece Of Your Mind hasn’t done well in terms of its rating, and intrinsically , the fate of season 2 is entirely in trouble for now.

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