Xvid Video Codec Player APK for Android is the media player that supports all major file formats.

XVID is one of the most popular used video compression methods. It can be challenging to play video or a movie file on Android devices especially if the video files are compressed using the codecs like DivX codec, H.264, XviD, etc.

Most of the default video player can play only a limited amount of file formats on your phone does not support and cannot play compressed videos file. Thus the notification “XviD video codec may be required to view the video on Android” pops up.

You can download the Xvid Video Codec Player or try using some of the third-party video players that are available for free on Google Play Store which can act as an XVid Codec for Android.

Xvid Video Codec Player File Info:

App Name Xvid Codec for Android
Latest Version v1.0.4
File Size 15 MB
Category Video Player
Requirements Android 2.3.2+

1. MX Player

You may have already heard of MX Player, considering its popularity as the default choice of media player for android by many users.

MX Player is the ultimate and one of the powerful video player app on Android devices that support not only DivX and Xvid format but including – AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WEBM, WMV, XVID, and many more.

It can play pretty much all types of media files with excellent video quality and sound.

Below are the Zip codec files for MX Player. If you don’t know what to choose, follow this instruction –

  • Head over to MX Player Settings < Decoder < General
  • You will find a Custom Codec tab 
  • There you will be shown which codec is needed (neon, x86, tegra3, Tegra2, etc).

How to Install The Codec Files?

  • Open MX Player on your Android device.
  • Open the settings << decoder << general << custom codec.
  • A dialog box will appear for the navigation of the codec pack. Now open the folder in which the codec pack is installed. Find the zip file and click on it.
  • If you have selected the right zip file, the App will restart.

2. VLC Player

VLC is another open-source free media player which is one of the best XviD video players on Android.

You won’t need a codec since VLC allows to use XVID Codec on Android and it supports all the formats, at least the majority of them.

VLC Player supports- ASF, AVI, FLAC, FLV, Fraps, Matroska, MP4, MPJPEG, MPEG-2 (ES, MP3), Ogg, PS, PVA, QuickTime File Format, TS, WAV, WebM.

Audio File includes – AAC, AC-3, DV Audio, FLAC, MP3, Speex, and Vorbis. It is totally ad-free which allows you to enjoy your streaming without all those annoying ads.

3. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer is another powerful media player that supports the Xvid format and tons of other file-formats including DivX XviD. It lets you watch any video on your device which is also compatible to compress videos using XVID.

It has Good Codec support with many useful small options such as custom repeat, speed control, floating video player and taking a snapshot of the video.

In a sense, it is quite similar to VLC for Android and also comes supplied with extra codecs and is an alternative to Xvid video codec player for android.

What is Xvid Video Codec Player?

Xvid Video Codec Player is a video and media player that gives you total controlled customized playing of all sorts of video and audio format without any additional files on your Android device.

Features of Xvid Video Codec Player

  • No need for additional plugin or codec download to support Xvid video format.
  • Advanced controls and options.
  • Real personalized entertainment.
  • List of supported video formats – mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg .mpv2 .mts .mtv .mxf .mxg .nut .nuv .ogm .ogv .ogx .ps .rec .rm .rmvb .tod .ts .tts .vob .vro .webm .wm .wmv .wtv .xesc . 3g2 .3gp .3gp2 .3gpp .amv .asf .avi .divx .drc .dv .f4v .flv .gvi .gxf .ismv .iso .m1v .m2v .m2v .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp2 .mp2v .mp4 .mp4v .mpe .mpeg .mpeg1
  • Video Qualities – 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p (hd videos), 1440p, 2160p, 4320p.
  • Supported Audio formats – .3ga .a52 .aac .ac3 .adt .adts .aif .aifc .aiff .amr .aob .ape .awb .caf .dts .flac .it .m4a .m4b .mid .mka .mlp .mod .mpa .mp1 .mp2 .mp3 .mpc .mpga .oga .ogg .oma .opus .ra .ram .rmi .s3m .spx .tta .voc .vqf .w64 .wav .wma .wv .xa .xm
  • Night and Day Mode – Reduce the effect of blue light by steadily replacing it with lower energy yellow-red light to ease your eyes.
  • Slow and Fast Motion – Slow or increase the speed of the video.
  • Mute the sound in the video in just one touch.
  • Audio Delay- Synchronize the audio with the videos precisely for a more synchronized video.
  • Equalizer – 10 frequencies & 12 default settings for totally customize-able music and audio experience.

Download and Install Xvid Video Codec Player APK on Android

Xvid Video Codec Player is a third-party media player and you’ll need to change a few settings on your device to install the app.

  • Go to Settings and allow Installation of Unknown Apps selection.
  • Download the APK file from the button below. Even though you have set up Chrome to accept files from unknown sources, the browser will still require and prompt you if you want to download the Install Xvid Video Codec Player APK. Tap “Download” to download the file.
  • Head to your download folder or use ESFile explorer and just tap on the “Install” selection on the bottom of the installation page.



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