Spotify Premium APK/ Spotify Hacked APK – So, you are a music and song enthusiast who wants all your favorite soundtracks to be accessible at all the time on Android phone/tablet device without any limitation and dance along with it.

Well, in that case, the best solution for you is to download the Spotify Premium Mod APK for Android and Spotify hack APK ios.

You see, Spotify comes with two versions, i.e Freemium and Premium.

One is free and is the standard version which is also available on play store and other Spotify APK providers.

The Basic Spotify/Spotify free basically lets you stream any song which you can get on play store but has a set of restrictions and also the annoying advertisement that comes along with it.

Of course, you can remove them by subscribing the premium version of Spotify.

But you can get Spotify Premium for free forever with this Spotify Premium free APK. It includes all the premium features for free which we will discuss below shortly.

What is Spotify++?

Spotify++ APK is a music, podcast, and a video streaming platform. It was officially launched on 7th October 2008.

It is disrupting and competing with Music streaming services such as Sound Cloud and Google Play Music.

Spotify literally gave you access to a world of music. You can listen to any albums or artists or even create your own playlist, a list of your favorite songs.

No need to go on a search frenzy for the workout theme music. They already have a ready-made playlist that suits your mood or get personalized recommendations.

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Premium APK is the modified version or the modded APK of the official Spotify application in which you get the premium features for free.

Well, to put in in simple terms, as we have discussed earlier that Spotify has Two types. One is a freemium and the other one is a Premium.

Since the premium version contains many features that aren’t available in the Free version, the Spotify Premium APK is a modded version that gives you to the premium version for Free.

You can use this Spotify cracked APK if you want to get the premium features.

Summary of Spotify Premium APK:

Name Spotify Premium APK
Size 28 MB
Version v8.5.66.1002
Last Update 1 Day ago
Category Music
Price Free

Spotify Premium APK Features:

Let’s discuss how this Spotify hacked APK benefit you over the regular version of the app?

1. Listen for free on mobile/tablet

spotify premium mod apk

Discover new music, Play any artist and album on your phone. Listen to music wherever you go.

Play your favorite song/ playlist anywhere at any time. Have an album or create a playlist of your favorite song or suit your mood for faster access.

2. Unlimited Downloads (Update: Not working with the current Mod version)

unlimited downloads

One of the most standout features of Spotify premium Mod is that you can download unlimited of your favorite songs.

So, go on a download spree.

3. Offline Mode / Listen Anywhere

offline music

We have mentioned above that you can download an unlimited number of songs.

So, Download the music for offline listening in case you are to go in a non-network coverage area and take those downloaded songs anywhere you go around the world, without the need for re-downloading them every single time you travel to another place.

They’re already stored offline on your phone storage. So, you can listen to your favorite music or songs offline in any part of the world where there is no internet connection or wifi.

By the way, this is not possible with the non-premium version.

Note: This feature varies depending upon the modded version and the author.

Also read: How to Pair With Https Spotify Com

4. Unlimited Shuffle Play and Repeat

unlock premium features

So. you want to listen in repeat your recently found out song. Now you can. Spotify Mod APK allows you to set an unlimited repeat or shuffle.

Want to listen in repeat a 100 times. Fire away!

5. Unlimited skips

unlimited skip

You are listening to your favorite playlist and there are particular songs that you don’t like.

It allows you to perform an Unlimited skip to breeze through the play-list which is not possible in the normal Spotify as they only get a limited number of skips.

Also, it saves you data too.

6. High-Quality Audio

 high quality audio

Spotify premium users enjoy a much better audio quality music than the standard version users.

The standard version comes with just 96kbps while the premium users enjoy a 320kbs bit rate. So, it’s a big difference in sound and audio quality.

7. Ad-Free Experience

No ads

Ads can be really annoying and frustrating at times which is included in the free version.

So, in order to get rid of the skippable video ads or adverts, you need to upgrade.

But with this premium MOD version, you will enjoy a completely ad-free music experience. You can also listen free music on ShowBox.

8. Discover Music

spotify premium free apk

Spotify also has an added feature called the discover tab on the Spotify app. It is one of the most liked and hottest features of Spotify at the time and is still now.

Well, it basically allows you to search any album, songs, radio, and podcast and you can also follow your friend’s playlist if they set it to public and this way you can find what your friends are listening to.

If this is your first time using the app, it may ask for your favorite music category and artists, after choosing your favorites, Spotify app will start showing and recommending songs based on the collection according to your interest and picks.

9. Save Storage Space 

If you have limited device storage on your smartphone or tablet, online streaming can be really helpful as all of your favorite music and albums will be streamed from Spotify’s servers and this can be really helpful to be able to save a significant amount of storage space on your smartphone.

Obviously it would need to consume some data in the form of WIFI or internet connection.

How To Fix Spotify Not Available In Your Country?

Before we get into the installation guide, let us discuss how to solve one of the most common Spotify problems and questions and that is how to Fix Spotify Not Available In Your Country?

As we all know, Spotify Music is available only in a few selected countries such as – the US, Uk, Australia and a few other more.

So, what if you are from a country where Spotify is not available.

Well, it’s pretty simple and easy. Nothing complicated!

Step 1: Download & install any VPN. We do recommend ExpressVPN. They are the top in the VPN industry both in terms of security, privacy, and speed.

Personally, I would go for ExpressVpn.

Step 2: Open the VPN app and select one of the countries where Spotify is available, Say for instance like the US or Canada.

Step 3: Use the VPN app during the first signup on Spotify premium APK

After signing up, it will work fine. No need to connect to a VPN every time.

But If you are still facing the issues, then make sure to let us know in the comments.

Safety Tip:

It is best to create an extra email address and credentials asked in your region to create an account. Don’t use your original details.

How to Download and Install Spotify Premium Free on Android?

Step 1: Uninstall the previous of Spotify Premium in case you have installed it before.

Step 2: Download Spotify premium apk from the below links (bottom of the page)

Note: Sometimes when you download the files, you may receive a notification message warning that this type of file can harm the device.

Don’t worry about it. It is your browser just following security protocol.

But, since our files are 100% safe and secure which we will discuss below. So, simply ignore it and Tap “OK”.

Step 3: Enable the Unknown sources option.

Go to phone settings >> Security >> Privacy >> Unknown Source,  Turn it on.

Step 4: Next, locate the folder where you have downloaded the APK file on your android device. Most likely on your download folder.

Step 5: Tap on the Spotify APK & install it

Step 6: Create a Spotify account.

Step 7: This last step is more of an optional but just to be on the safe side.

Leaving your Unknown sources option open can leave a huge security loophole.

So, Disable the Unknown Sources Option

Now that Spotify Premium MOD APK is already installed. Start jamming your favorite music.

Since you are installing the modded version, you get all the premium features available for the paid users unlocked free of charge.

Spotify Premium on iOS

The easiest way to get Spotify Premium APK or Spotify++ on your iOS devices is via Tweakbox. In this method, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to get Spotify premium on iPhone.

To start this method, you would first need to install a third-party Apple application called Tweakbox.

It’s is a famous app. Tweakbox is basically an app store that has tons of hacked or modified versions of the real iOS apps.

Most of the apps and games which are removed and not available in the official Appstore will be found on Tweakbox, All of the paid applications are available here for free.

Step 1: Head over to your browser and go to and download the tweak box app from the website.
Step 2: Click on Tweakbox, then Install Profile. Next, open the Tweakbox app, Give all the necessary sufficient permissions.
Step 3: Next, Enter Your Password.
Step 4: Head inside the tweak box and go to the tweaked apps section. Scroll down or search directly for Spotify ++ APK

Step 5: Simply download it and install it on your device and you finally have the Spotify Mod APK on your iOS device.
Step 6: Press on install, If you already have an active free Spotify Account and login from there.

But if you haven’t got a free Spotify account, you can simply create in a matter of seconds and enjoy the Spotify hacked ios.


Note that there are some fake sites offering the Spotify premium free apk. Beware of it as you may end up downloading malware or virus. If not you may also be provided with a tampered version.

So, you need to be picky and wary in choosing where to download the APK of the app.

But I am not saying, all of the sites that are offering Spotify Premium MOD APK are tampered or dangerous.

All I am saying is to be careful where you download.

Not all of the Cracked or MOD APK is safe to use.

And that is exactly where Wallinsider comes in.

Our APK files are 100% Untampered and free from all hacks and viruses.

We also try our best to keep up-to-date with the latest version of Spotify Premium MOD APK.

Spotify Premium Free APK

No need to worry about where to get your favorite music or have the latest release from an artist that you like. With Spotify hacked APK, you can play music for free on your smartphone and tablet or PC via an android emulator (Bluestacks).

Besides enjoying music, playlist, and albums, you can also listen to some productive podcasts while working or in free time from anywhere anytime.

Spotify Mod Apk basically allows you to have unlimited ad-free access to a world of music, curated by your artist or even your friends and podcasts you love.

Jam according to your mood and environment!

Common FAQ:

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Premium APK is the modded version of the original APK which gives you basically the premium features for free.

How can I get Spotify Premium for free?

You can download it via our website. It’s 100% working.

How much Internet speed is sufficient for a decent uninterrupted experience?

Spotify does require internet connectivity in order to run. Although the higher the speed, the better it is but a minimum of 384Kbps speed is decent enough to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with decent sound quality.

Is it 100% Free?

Yes, it is completely free. Not even a penny.

I am unable to skip songs, and I don’t have unlimited skips

This happens when you have already the original Spotify app and then you installed the mod version on top of it.
Uninstall the Spotify app completely and reinstall the mod version.

I got automatically logged out from the Spotify Premium app

This happens sometimes. All you have to do is clear the app cache and data and then use the VPN app to bypass the login problem


Click the button below to go to the download page.

Hopefully this helps!



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