Avatar 2- It’s been an extended time since Avatar was wowing cinema-goers with its leading-edge visual effects and inventive use of 3D, but work on a slate of sequels has been ongoing for the last decade.

It appears that director James Cameron is bent topping his sci-fi epic, which is not any small feat given it had been a real phenomenon at the time of release, raking in almost $3 billion at the worldwide box office.

Avatar 2

Avatar 2 Release Date

Disney recently reported that their production for Avavtar 2 has been delayed and postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and had forced it to indefinitely postpone the discharge of big-budget film Mulan, while pushing back upcoming installments of Star Wars and Avatar by a year.

The live-action for Mulan had been delayed twice, with its release last delayed to August 21.

Avatar 2 ditching December 18, 2021 (for December 22, 2022) means Aquaman 2 probably must find a replacement release date, which Disney has the potential for what might be another big year for Avatar 2 and therefore the surefire MCU likes of Black Panther 2 and (allegedly) Captain Marvel 2.

Avatar screenwriter, director and co-producer James Cameron announced on Twitter that the coronavirus had delayed live-action filming in New Zealand.

Due to the pandemic, Avatar 2 has been reportedly postponed from December 17, 2021 to December 16, 2022 with Avatar 3 has been postponed from December 22, 2023 to December 20, 2024, Avatar 4 from December 19, 2025 to December 18, 2026, and Avatar 5 from December 27, 2027 to December 22, 2028.

When it’s all done, that’ll be 19 years after the discharge of the first Avatar.

BBC News reported that it had “seen documentation” which revealed the titles for the four sequels because the following:

  • Avatar: The Way of Water
  • Avatar: The Seed Bearer
  • Avatar: The Tulkun Rider
  • Avatar: the search for Eywa

However, nothing has been officially confirmed just yet and, albeit the documentation is accurate, the titles could alright change before release.

Avatar 2 Cast

The cast members from the previous movie are going to be returning back for the new sequel.

Till now, there has been no news about the fresh faces to be seen within the upcoming movie, but we expect to ascertain a few. The cast for the movie features, Worthington, Saldana, Lang, and Weaver.

Avatar 2 Plot

Plot specifics for the sequel movie are currently as elusive because the ‘Unobtainium’ the human invaders were trying to extract from Pandora within the original Avatar.

We do know, however, that the story will devour around a decade after the primary film, which Jake Sully (whose human consciousness was permanently downloaded into his Na’vi body) and Neytiri now have children: Neteyam, Lo’ak, Tuktirey.

It’s also been confirmed that much of the movie will happen around Pandora’s oceans, with the newly introduced sea-faring Metkayina clan playing a key role.

While Avatar 2 are going to be the second act of a five-movie saga, the plan is for it to function as a movie in its title, while still being a part of a wider arc. Cameron’s wants to create a story that is truly worth telling and is one among the most reasons it has taken so long for him to materialize Avatar 2.

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