Starting a business abroad is certainly a whole new phase of development for any entrepreneur or company director. It is a courageous step that should be carefully considered in advance, because when setting up a business in a new country one needs to be familiar with all the details and intricacies of the economy and taxation. In order to help you and make your choice simpler, we have compiled a list of 7 countries where it’s easier to start a business.

Best Countries To Run Your Own Business

  1. The UAE

An amazing country that has managed to build an empire out of nothing in just a few decades. The UAE continues to be one of the richest countries in the world, offering the best conditions for starting a business. The Emirates has a very lenient taxation system and there is no corruption at all. Your investment and privacy are protected by the government. What’s more, the government particularly encourages entrepreneurs from different countries to open businesses in the Emirates.

Above all, Dubai is the center of fast-growing companies. As an example, we can point to the numerous car rental services that have only recently emerged as business start-ups but are already gaining popularity among both residents and tourists. Due to their affordability and low prices anyone may find a cheap luxury car rental in Dubai to enjoy the pleasure of driving the best possible vehicles. The specialist provides help in choosing a car for hire, as well as taking care of your comfort during the trip.

  1. Denmark

Denmark could always be found at the top of every business ranking list. A peaceful politicy, a constant inflow of tourists, and the state’s favorable location ensure the constant development of entrepreneurship, including foreign business. The state has a well-developed system of subsidies and loans for business. The authorities are constantly developing programmes to support entrepreneurs, and banks are prepared to lend quite a large sum of money.

  1. South Korea

In recent decades, South Korea has made a huge economic leap, making it into the top economies. Entrepreneurs coming from other countries are attracted by the stability and steady development of the country. At the same time, the authorities of the state are also interested in welcoming entrepreneurs from the neighboring countries to fill up the capital of the country’s economy.

  1. Singapore

Starting a business from the ground up in Singapore is possible in a matter of days. The only thing that often frustrates foreign entrepreneurs is the necessity of registering a large business with the obligatory involvement of an intermediary from among local citizens and firms. However, apart from that, Singapore has a simple taxation system with no government charges, and you can forget about the fear of bankruptcy, as the government creates a so-called safety cushion for entrepreneurs.

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  1. USA

The list of the best countries for business definitely can’t go without the US. The United States attracts businessmen because of its extensive lending system, as it is relatively easy to get start-up capital. Moreover, there it is easy not only to open a business, but also to close a company by declaring bankruptcy. Although the tax rates for businesses in the US are relatively high, this is compensated for by low operating costs.

  1. New Zealand

This small country, famous all over the world for its beautiful views that serve as the backdrop to many a movie, is also perfect for setting up a business. The authorities give a lot of freedom to entrepreneurs. Getting a building license, registering property purchases or getting a loan for an innovative business is much easier in this country than in any other part of the world. The transparent and clear taxation system and the lack of currency controls attract investors and potential entrepreneurs from all over the world.

  1. Norway

The country has a strong technology sector, a highly skilled labor force and a layer of working social programmes. All these components make Norway’s economy one of the world’s leading. In addition, Norway has a very efficient bankruptcy system and the business start-up procedure takes on average only about four days.

Now that you have so many country options, it will be easier and quicker to choose the right place for starting your own business. Don’t worry about trying something new, go for it and you will succeed!

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