Mass unfollow twitter/ Twitter Unfollow Tools– Twitter is the platform which is used by all ages for different reasons. Some used it for marketing and promotion while some use it just for fun.

But, If you have a business whether it may be online or offline, you simply can’t ignore Twitter.

It has over the years become one of the must-have marketing tools and channels for any business or person.

Whatever the case may be, it is a necessity.

Sometimes you just wanna see your stats, your analytics and how many are unfollowing you which you are currently following.

They might unfollow you for a variety of reasons.

However, it may be if your unfollow rate is high. You need to check what is going on with your profile.

It’s also sometimes good to declutter and check your followings who aren’t adding any value to you and who were not following you back too.

Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers:

Note: Keep in mind that, Twitter policies do not tolerate in any sort of aggressive following and unfollowing, or else you might simply just get your Twitter account suspended.

1. CircleBoom

On our list for Twitter Unfollow Tools, CircleBoom tops the list.

CircleBoom is basically a complete Twitter management tool/twitter manager app and is also one of the best tools to track your Twitter Unfollowers and your Followers.

It also has a search module which is smart-yet-easy-to-use to find the right profiles to follow.

You can also track fake account, eggheads or unfollow inactive twitter account, accounts who are not following you back and spammers too.

They also have RSS Tweets which allows you to connect your blog/website RSS feed to your twitter account.

Other features include scheduling and analytics. Mobile compatible and responsive design.

It is also quite priced friendly and is almost half of the closest rival’s price.

2. CrowdFire

Fun Fact: CrowdFire was previously known as “JustUnfollow”.

CrowdFire is another great tool to kick off and unfollow Twitter accounts for whatever reason.

It also has the option to sort out non-followers on a number of factors such as date of following, etc.

The Pricing is quite alright, it is not too crazy.

With the Free plan, you can schedule 10 posts per account and follow/unfollow 25 people for free per day.

However, you can increase that daily limit by upgrading to a paid subscription.

You can manage via your IOS/Android devices too.

3. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a free and great Twitter management tool.

This tool has been online for quite some time since 2008 and in fact, it is also endorsed by many of the social media guru or experts.

Features of SocialOomph:

  • Manage Multiple Twitter Profiles
  • Auto DM
  • Auto Follow New Followers
  • Delete All Of Your Tweets & Direct Messages
  • Auto Unfollow
  • Email Reply Digest
  • Schedule Your Tweets

To be honest, with just the auto-reply and the Auto-Follow & Unfollow features alone are powerful enough to make anyone want to use this tool.

Take The 7-Day FREE TRIAL of SocialOomph Professional

4. Unfollowerstats

Unfollowerstats really has some cool features.

Other than tracking your Unfollowers.

Other Notable Features include such as:

  • Track your Unfollower (Unfollow or Block your Unfollowers)
  • Track your Non-Followbacks  (Non-Followbacks are people that you follow them and they don’t follow you)
  • I-Don’t Followback ( Track who followed you but you didn’t follow them back)
  • Search Follower (Find more followers through twitter #hastags)
  • Auto Track (Daily tracking and storing your accounts follow, following, unfollowing stats)
  • Responsive Design (Work awesome for your mobile devices too.)

5. WhoUnfollowed Me?

WhoUnfollowed Me? is a complete management tool for your Twitter.

It has all the features you needed.

Some of them are:

  • Unfollowers
  • New Followers
  • Connections
  • History (Look at Unfollowers / new followers over time)
  • Who I’ve Blocked
  • Who I’ve Muted
  • Pending Follow Requests

6. RoboFollow

Robofollow is an amazing tool to bust your Unfollowers.

Not just Unfollowers, this tool has a wide set of other tools.

Features of Robofollow:

  • Filter verified accounts
  • Whitelist whom you never want to unfollow
  • Copy followers of people in the same niche
  • Follow relevant people using RoboFollow
  • Sort your followers by their follower count
  • Get your follower locations
  • When are your followers are going to be active
  • Most popular tweets
  • Engage with your follower’s followers

The Best part is that you can even check friendship and whether they follow each other or not.

7. Tweepi 

Rather than spending many hours of your time trying to figure out who to unfollow people not following you, simply use the Tweepi’s Twitter unfollow tool to easily unfollow all of the egg profiles, undesirable users, nasty avatars, or spammers.

This tool will simple “flushes” out the twitter users from your follow list, who do not follow you back.


You really don’t need to obsess over your Unfollowers all the time. But it’s definitely a must to check once in a while, maybe, once a month to keep your Twitter interface and your followings/followers clean.

This way you can force unfollow twitter accounts who you want to get rid of or delete twitter followers in bulk.

Big brands do seldom follow back hardly to anyone unless you have a big name. So, don’t trouble over yourself if they didn’t follow you back.

Anyway, Did you find this list to be useful? If so, then share them to your followers to remind them of what they are getting if they unfollow you. (just kidding!)

If you have used any of these tools in the past or would like to add something to the list, please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.


How to Mass Unfollow on Twitter?

Not sure, it will work in the future. But it works as of now.
So, here it goes –

Head over to your Twitter account
Go to your “Followers” tab
Scroll down as much as possible to load as many followers as you can
Right mouse click and go to “Inspect” (using Chrome)
Click the console tab
Then end “$(‘.button-text.unfollow-text’).trigger(‘click’)”
Then click ENTER

How do you track your Twitter unfollowers?

If you have a small following, you can – see who’s following you whom you don’t follow.
See who’s not following you whom you follow and See who is inactive for the past few months. 

But if you got a decent following, you can use tools like Twtdominator to automatically unfollow the unfollowers on a single click.

What are some of the best Twitter Unfollow Tools?

To name a few- SocialOopmph, Who Unfollowed Me, Manage Flitter, Unfollower Stats, Tweepi, Statusbrew.

Why are bots following me on twitter?

Mostly because they expect you will follow back. Bots try to collect a lot of followers by following any user posting a related tweet

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