You can find many recommendations when looking for the “best VPN for Windows”. If you look in the Chrome Store or Microsoft Store, you probably only find a few. Which of these rich choices is safe, fast and secure?

Using a free VPN seems nice and easy. It is also cost-effective. But we cannot escape the limitations. These free ones often feel slow, even unresponsive. Even if they are here for protection, not everyone can endure the inconvenience.

Finding one is difficult unless you have instructions. Go ahead and find the best free VPN for Windows you can try right away.

iTop VPN

The first in the list is iTop VPN. These services offer everything you want to have. VPN promises several things. These include fast connection, removal of content restrictions, which also guarantees your privacy. The registration process is simple and very simple. After receiving their accounts, users can use them immediately.

Enjoy extensive connections through 1,800 serviced servers in more than 100 locations worldwide. You can better protect yourself with a single touch of your finger.

If you are not willing to spend any money, a trial version is still largely feasible. It is better to use it before accepting a subscription.


Another is ExpressVPN. It’s not a free VPN, but you can enjoy the trial first hand. Try a free trial whenever you want before signing up. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can reconsider using it multiple times.

Express iTop VPN is one of the effective VPNs for Windows. It can easily unblock all restricted content without interference. Now you can watch Netflix or the BBC no matter where you are.

What’s great about it is the ease of installation. It can be easily adapted to start at startup. Once launched, ExpressiTop VPN connects you to the best places.

The service also allows you to connect various devices. If you already have one on your computer, you can use it for others. One way to achieve this is with a Windows virtual router. With it, you can easily share a protected connection with your console or smart TV.

Efficient service always means a better connection. ExpressVPN works with over 3,000 clients in 94 different countries. So it will put you in the best position every time you execute it. With Express VPN you can unlock everything.

Hotspot Shield

The Hotspot Shield is known for being user-friendly. It has a simple user interface that is easy for everyone to understand. No registration process or email registration is required.

Unfortunately, it gives every user minimal access. There is 500 MB of data available for free per day, which is now basically useless (unless you only use it for chatting). Hotspot Shield also has other shady sides. It only connects to servers in the US (free version) and is often overloaded.

So is it good to use iTop VPN? Yes, despite its limitations, the discomfort. You can always consider it your best VPN for Windows, especially if you have a budget.

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