Big Little Lies season 3 revolves around a murder mystery where the 5 characters are involved in the murder case.

The five characters met at a local police station. While solving the case, they exhibit and show off their extravagant lifestyle.

Despite everything, they try to excel in all other areas of life. The show is quite interesting to watch with big names of the likes of Nicole Kidman in the show.

The show has been a massive hit and gain popularity and more so after it’s release of season 2 on June 9, 2019.  From the cast, story line and plots, it’s quite an interesting watch.

Big Little Lies Season 3

Big Little Lies Season 3: Release Date

With the first season aired on February 19, 2017, after it got two years to make Season 2 which is premiered on June 9, 2019.

Right now, there is no official news regarding the renewal of the Show form the makers. Kelly has also officially opened up about the show ending and no more season of Big Little Lies. One of the reasons behind this is that the Season 2 didn’t get good viewership and rating from the critics.

There has also been news about HBO officially cancelling the Season 3. According to some reports, cancelling of the series is not the sole responsibility and decision from HBO alone.

According to reports, the creators of the show are “unwilling to take any risk”.

If miraculously the show does indeed gets revived, Season 3 will come to our screen anytime soon due to coronavirus pandemic halting all production.

Plot Date: Big Little Lies Season 3

If the show gets renewed for another reason, the storyline must have been kept under tight lip because there has been no rumors nor leaks about the show.

We hope to see Perry Stop his Violent Behavior towards his wife. It might or may not be apparent of the Bonnie’s confession about her husband.

Will the ladies’ lies support her acknowledgment or disregard it?

We can also assume to see a new topsy turvy plot. However, it is silent like a grave right now. We will be very glad to be the fist one to inform about the latest update.

Cast: Big Little Lies Season 3

We can see the previous cast reprise thrir roles once again such as –

  • Nicole Kidman,
  • Madeline (as Reese Witherspoon),
  • Jane (as Shailene Woodley),
  • Bonnie (as Zoë Kravitz),
  • Renata (as Laura Dern),
  • Ed (as Adam Scott),
  • Nathan (as James Tupper).
  • Gordon (as Jeffrey Nordling),
  • Abigail (as Kathryn Newton),
  • Ziggy (as Iain Armitage),
  • Chloe (as Darby Camp),
  • Josh (as Cameron Crovetti),
  • Max (as Nicholas Crovetti),
  • Skye (as Chloe Coleman) and
  • Amabella (as Ivy George)

There has also been no trailer for the next season. Stay tuned for more Big Little Lies Season 3 updates.

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