Bloodshot 2 is a sequel of the initial movie starring Vin Diesel. The sequel is still yet to be announced by Sony, but according to some reports, it is very likely to happen in the near future.

Superhero movies have been immensely popular and successful in the past decade. ‘Bloodshot‘ is a Valiant Comics’ first big-screen adaptation and has received a mix of both positive and negative acclaims.

The sequel will be decided based on how well it did in the box office and the audience reaction.

It is directed by David S. F. Wilson and produced by Neal H. Moritz, Toby Jaffe, Dinesh Shamdasani, and Vin Diesel himself.

Bloodshot 2: Release Date

So far, the sequel has not been given green light for production by Sony. IN addition to that, the COVID pandemic will only delay in the shooting of the film and the release date.

With the current situation and assessing the film performance so far, it is not the best in terms of both investment and critics wise.

But you never say never. Maybe it’s too early to judge. But we do hope, it gets a sequel.

Bloodshot 2: Plot

In the movie, Ray (Vin Diesel) figures out that he was being manipulated and the memories of his wife whom he believes were killed in front of him – are all created by Dr. Harting and planted in his brain and use him as an assasin to slaughter Harting’s business and tech rivals.

Without many spoilers, in the movie finale, we saw the nanites in Ray’s blood synthesize under the care of Wigans so it doesn’t need to be recharged in a lab anymore.

The question is, how does the plot extends?

The movie ended with the trio in a caravan driving away. The sequel could focus on Ray lost memories.

When he visits her girlfriend, she was married and even has a child. She told Ray that s hasn’t seen him for 5 years which means he has no memoris for the 5 yeasrs.

Or it could focus on completely new storyline.

Bloodshot 2: Cast

There would be no Bloodshot without Vin Diesel, so he will obviously be back. Since there’s no cast confirmation, so we list down all the previous cast rmembers too.

Is Dr. Harting actually dead? Nothing’s guarnateed yet. W could see the old characters back.

  • Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison
  • Sam Heughan as Jimmy Dalton,
  • Eiza González as KT,
  • Toby Kebbell as Martin Axe,
  • Guy Pearce as Dr. Emil Harting,
  • Lamorne Morris as Wilfred Wigans,
  • Talulah Riley as Gina Garrison,
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Nick Baris,
  • Alex Hernandez as Marcus Tibbs,
  • Siddharth Dhananjay as Eric and
  • Tamer Burjaq as Mombasa Gunman.

There are no released trailer for now. We will keep you updated on more info.

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