Has the pandemic got to you? Are you looking for a unique and exciting idea for celebrating your child’s birthday coming next month or the upcoming week?

Why not surprise your kids with an escape room birthday party at home. My visit to Lost Reality Perth gave me an idea to organise my kid’s birthday party on similar themes.

21st century kids are more into digital games. The online escape games are also available to keep your kids entertained. But online games make them lazier. 

So why not try something that will keep them on their toes. The escape room games for kids are getting popular these days and are highly enthralling. These games not only engage them in physical activities but also involve brainstorming sessions. 

Some old-school games like Treasure Hunt or sneaking out from a haunted house, never lose their vigour. Why not try escape room kits with similar themes to make your kid’s party stand out?


Creative Ways to Make a DIY Escape Room

DIY escape rooms will not cost you a fortune. When selecting a game, keep the occasion and the age range of the invitees in mind. If you choose a game that is far too difficult for your young guests, they will quickly become bored.

You can play in the escape room during the day or at night; the choice is yours. Prepare some areas before the party, such as garden corners, attics, and dusty storerooms, to help the kids get into the mood.

If you are thinking that the kids may get bored after playing just one theme, then I have a surprise for you. There are kits available that can be editable and can be tweaked. You can even customise if you want.

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The printable escape room kits can be played on tabletops or all over the house and outside. But, before your guests arrive, run it through your head a few times to ensure that the layout is correct. 

Remember, in games like escape rooms, even minor mistakes can cause major confusion. Please double-check that the puzzle and props are in the correct locations before proceeding.

Lastly, as a host, set the time limit. As the clock keeps ticking the adventure amplifies, the young participants feel the adrenaline rush. 

Cheer up everyone irrespective of the result and offer your help if needed. Do not forget to honour the winners with goodies. 

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