A few years ago, TikTok was just an entertainment platform with dance videos for young audiences, but today it is the most powerful tool for promoting any kind of business, and it’s hard to argue with that if you look at the statistics of the app and the number of its outreach. Today we want to share with you five effective strategies for business promotion, which everyone can use, so as to achieve the desired result in a short period of time.

Business Promotion In Tiktok

  1. Show expert knowledge

Deep knowledge of the product itself is an effective way to gain the trust of the consumer. This strategy is especially important in promoting your own product. To create this type of content, you need to publish videos with technical information and expert commentary, either through voice-over narration or by engaging experts in a particular field. When viewers associate your brand with expertise in a particular area, they are more likely to trust the products and make a purchase in the future.

For example, if we consider the automotive industry, the car rental service Evolve by maintaining an account in TikTok can share reviews of the most popular car models for hire among their clients or show the differences between renting sports cars and classic hatchbacks or tell the audience differences between the McLaren price in UAE and the price of a Rolls Royce. Thus rental companies may build a close relationship with users and make the service even more popular.

  1. Make reviews

Reviews are a great and effective way to demonstrate the use of a product in real life and also tell the brand story in passing. The unpacking video format is very popular on YouTube as well, but TikTok’s short video format allows for more energetic and captivating content that captures viewers’ attention without intrusive advertising. Thus, the main objective of this approach is primarily to entertain viewers, but at the same time it also promotes your product.

  1. Collaborate with bloggers

When famous bloggers promote a product, brands gain access to a wider audience. Influencers with a large number of subscribers are trendsetters, this way the product that the blogger promotes has a much higher chance of becoming widely popular in the shortest possible time. The personal approval of the product encourages the audience to follow the example of a person they trust, i.e. the blogger. This approach is considered more natural than traditional methods of advertising. However, before cooperating with a blogger, do not forget to check his statistics, because it plays a key role and directly affects the promotion of your product.

  1. Involve the founders of the product in the promotion

According to the latest TikTok statistics, the majority of the most effective advertisements are based on the fact that a person directly reaches out to his subscribers, thereby creating an effect of a community of friends, where everyone can share his story. The brand founder’s story of the reason and the way he or she created the product is extremely appealing to the audience. It allows you to get to know the company’s story from literally first-hand experience. This method can be especially effective before a new product is released. The strategy also helps co-founders to build a more trusting relationship with viewers and customers.

An excellent example of this strategy is the cosmetics brand Kylie Skin, in the promotion of which the creator of the brand Kylie Jenner often takes part. Videos where she presents a new product always get more views than others on the same account.

  1. Formulate a clear description of the video

The description of the video is an important tool for attracting users’ attention. Don’t overload the video’s caption and don’t make up a long, detailed narrative. A perfect description should be brief and clear, use a few engaging phrases, as well as trending hashtags that relate to the theme of your product.

Most importantly, always try to make high-quality content that you would like if you were in the place of the user, avoid direct advertising, try to find new creative ways to promote your product.

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