From the barrel roll google tricks to the google gravity, the search engine has a few tricks up it’s sleeves.

Google is the most used and common search engine by far. It has a market share of about 65% of the US searches alone with the other 30% owned by Bing, Yahoo, and other smaller search engines.

I bet you use Google to come to this page. If not, my bad!

Anyway, besides performing a search query for you, Google can get really funny and cool if you know how to look for it.

There are some secret Google cool tricks and games that are hidden behind the vast layers of its database.

It can be functional and fun-packed with fun Google tricks more than you imagine.

I’am sure you will be amazed after searching these fun Google tricks.

So, here it goes:

Do a Barrel Roll Google Tricks

This trick is popular yet not may know about it. It’s basically asking Google to do a barrel roll.

To perform this trick, all you gotta do is search for “do a barrel roll” without the quotation marks and see the magic where the google page will do a 360-degree spin like a barrel and will come at rest after taking a roll.

Do check it out.


Askew means “not in a straight or in a levelled position.”

So, you can guess what the trick is. Type ‘Askew’ and hit enter or click search, and watch your web page in a tilted position.

It’s not the most mind blowing trick but it’s nice to see the biggest search engine trying to be funny by tilting a bit on your desktop.

Google Gravity

Watch the homepage with the logo, search bar and everything come crashing down with this google gravity trick.

Go to and type ‘Google gravity’ in the search bar. Next, click I’m Feeling Lucky. Watch it drop with the complete google page upside down.

Set a Timer

If you need to set a timer but don’t bother to use an app, you can do so with Google.

Simply Google “set timer for x amount of time” and the search engine will pulls up a timer.

It will automatically start, you can also stop or reset the timer.


Go to google and search “Thanos”. If you are on desktop, head over to the biography part on the right-hand side of the page. If you are on Mobile, apart from ads, it wil be the first part you see.

Next, click on the “Gauntlet” icon just below Google Images and see the page disintegrate and vanish its page listings.

Zerg Rush

Update: Zerg Rush seems to have been discontinued.

But you still can find this trick on ElgooG which is a mirrored website of Google Search created by All Too Flat for fun.

A quick backstory,  in the popular Starcraft video game series, the “zerg” are a race of insectoid aliens which rapidly and selectively evolved into deadly and efficient killers.

So, basically how it works is, when you search “Zerg Rush” several ‘O’ fall off from the search bar behaving like zerglings and starts chomping and eating away the whole page slowly.

It’s kinda fun to watch or you can click to destroy them all!

Party Like It’s 1998

Want to see the old-school Google with blink tags from 1998? It’s quite simple.

Search for the term “Google in 1998” and you’ll be carried back in time of the good old baby google days.

You can prank your friend with this trick especially if they have high-speed internet connection.

Send the above link and see how they reacts.


When you search for ‘anagram‘, Google will ask you if you meant “Nag A Ram” when you are expecting a real definition.

It’s a Google developer’s joke because it’s not a real word, essentially an Anagram of the word “Anagram”. Get it?


Remember those days when fidget spinner was a thing? It still is but has declined in it’s popularity.

Well, you can spin on board or as a fidget spinner.

Search for the phrase “Spinner” on Google and click on “SPIN”. It’s that simple!


Similar to Anagram, when you search for Recursion, Google will funnily ask if you meant “Recursion” and when you click on “did you mean recursion”, you will be stuck in a loop again and again.

Really Google? trying to funny and all..

The Loneliest Number

“One” is a song that was written and performed by Harry Nilsson but made famous by Three Dog Night.

One of the lyrics line states,”One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.”

Search for “The Loneliest Number” term on google. A calculator will appear with the answer as ” 1 “.

Other fun queries include –

Google Sphere

Take the Google logo and the HomeScreen for a spin.

Go to, type in ‘Google sphere’, and hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button. Move your mouse around and make it spin.

Google Sky

Google Sky is a celestial map that basically shows you objects like the Solar system, constellations, stars, galaxies, planets, Moon.

You can zoom in and out (using the minus and Plus sign).

Find your IP address

An IP address is a numerical label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network when it’s connected to the Internet.

To know your IP address, simply ask google for it.

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is an arcade game which turns Google Images into a playable classic arcade video game.

Search “Atari Breakout” into Google Image Search. The game will appear and use your mouse or the arrow keys to keep the ball in play!

Flip A Coin

Toss a coin up in the air and guess which side shows up when it lands.

Now you can flip a coin and get a heads or tails result via a simple Google search phrase “Flip A Coin” and press enter.

Google Pirate

Head over to your Google homepage and type ‘Google pirate’. Next hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’.

If you pay any attention to the interface, you will find that Google has displayed everything in pirate dialect.

Google Mirror

Just when you think Google couldn’t get any better with its fun google tricks?

To perform this Google Mirror trick, go to your Google Homepage and search Google mirror and press the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button.

Everything will turn into a mirror image.

Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42 which is calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years.

Search for the phrase “answer to life, the universe, and everything,” and Google has a very clear answer: 42.

The Map To Mordor

If you are a fans of Lord Of The Rings and would like to know the direction from ‘The Shire’ or ‘Rivendell’ to ‘Mordor’.

Simply open the Google Maps and set the directions from ‘The Shire’ or ‘Rivendell’ to ‘Mordor’, and Google Map will give you a direction.

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon means to do it very rarely and thought it just a vague expression? Well not according to Google.

Type “once in a blue moon” and you will get an accurate value of
1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz which is just a playoff since blue moons happen every 2.71 years.

Quick Convert

You don’t need any fancy apps or visit websites to calculate or quick convert from one metrics to another.

Fancy knowing how much is 6ft in cm? Just type your question into Google and you will be presented the answer in a matter of seconds.

Friends Tricks

If you are a friend fan you will love these tricks.

Ross Friends

Ross Geller is a fictional characters of the NBC sitcom Friends portrayed by David Schwimmer.

Type “Ross Friends” and hit search. Scroll down to the bio part and tap on the chair icon to hear the iconic word.

Same goes for –

Each of them has their own unique icon for each character. On desktop, you will find it on the right side of the desktop but if you are on a smartphone, you’ll be able to find it very easily.

Simply click on the icon and see the trick that will please any Friends superfan.

Find the time in another region

Curious to know the timezone from another country? A quick Google srarch will do the trick.

If you wanna compare your timezone with New York, type “local time in new york” and hit search. Google’s got your back.

Written Numbers

Can’t calculate 7675777776? Not judging you or anything like that. If a number is huge, you can ask for Google help to pronounce it for you.

Type any string of numbers or digits into Google with an “=English” or “in English” to follow and Google will instantaneously write the number out for you.

For the above case,

7 675 777 776 =
seven billion six hundred seventy-five million seven hundred seventy-seven thousand seven hundred seventy-six

Roll a Die

Roll a virtual dice for true random numbers.

Search for “Roll a die” and tap on roll. It’s that simple.

Horns on a unicorn

Search for the phrase “number of horns on a unicorn” and let Google give you the answer.

These are some tricks that you can share with your friends and impress them with your geeky side. So, Let us know what was your favorite Google tricks in the comments below!

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