Cursed, the Arthurian legend told through the viewpoint of Nimue, a young woman destined to become Lady Of The Lake. Nimue is the symbol of courage and rebellion against the Stalwart Red Paladins.

The show is based on the illustrated novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. This British fantasy drama premiered on July 17th this year.

Although it did not match the standard of Game Of Thrones and The Last Kingdom, it is still worth watching. It was one of the top shows on Netflix last month.

Moreover, the ending of the first season was on quite a cliffhanger and fans just cannot hold it.

Cursed Season 2

When will the CURSED Season 2 release?

Well, Netflix hasn’t renewed the show for the second season yet. Then again given that it has just been a month since the release, I guess there will be a little more wait time before the show is commissioned for the second season.

However, Frank Miller said in an email that no matter whether the show is renewed or not, he will continue to tell the story of Nimue one way or another. He appears to be quite confident about the show, I guess it will be renewed soon.

Well, as far as the release is concerned, that is a long shot right now. Given the pandemic situation and awaited renewal updates, the release is sure to not happen at least until late 2021.

Moreover, high production cost shows like this one require at least 18 months of production time, hence the release might even be pushed back to 2022. We are not sure about it though. Right now the only people who can even guess about the release of the show are at Netflix and they are pretty much known to keep such things to themselves.

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