In business, having good customer service is one of the most important aspects. Not only is the quality of your customer service important. The efficiency of your customer service is just as important. Every business has a unique set of needs when it comes to customer service. This is where customer service software comes in. Let’s take a look at what customer service software is and how it can benefit your business.

Customer service software is specifically designed to allow you to manage and report any customer service issues that may be needed in your business. Customer service software can be used for multiple forms of communication including live chats, emails and self service options. Since most businesses are using social media, customer service software has integrated that into their software as well. Customer service software is commonly used by businesses line an IT support company, since most if not all of their services are provided online.

How will customer service software benefit your business?

Fast response to customers

A timely response is the landmark for good customer service. Customer service software allows you to have pre-written email responses which will automatically be sent to your customers. There are many templates that you can save that will save you time while still answering the customers questions. The templates cna include a knowledge base for frequently asked questions and saved replies.

Analyze common issues

The customer service software keeps track of all customer interactions. The software will then be able to track and analyze any trends that may occur. These trend`s can include customer demographics, support volume, response time and many more. Having these analytics will allow you to know exactly where the flaws in your system are and you can then decide how they can be improved.

Streamlined query escalation

There are many instances where the first point of contact does not have the resources to address a customer query. Effective customer service software will ensure that queries are escalated to the correct teams and the correct members. This adds to the efficiency of your customer service and will improve customer satisfaction drastically.

What types of customer service software is available?

Live chat software

Live chat software allows you to engage with customers that are actively using your website. This includes people who have previously used your website and it can start a conversation with new customers. The live chat also gives you the opportunity to resolve customer issues in real time. The live chat software is generally a pop-up on your screen that allows your customer to chat with an agent for your company and can be easily integrated if you are using a VoIP phone service.

Knowledge base access

Having knowledge base software gives customers access to a wide variety of information relating to your company. This software is commonly used on self-service platforms since it can answer commonly asked questions. The content within your knowledge base can include tutorials, frequently asked questions and video lessons.

The two forms of knowledge bases that exist are an internal knowledge base and an external knowledge base. An external knowledge base can be accessed by anyone, while an internal knowledge base generally requires login access. Internal knowledge bases are generally used for staff within your company while an external knowledge base is more directed towards your customer.

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CRM is short for customer relationship management. This tool is mostly used in sales since it tracks customer interactions. It attempts to create a unique experience for each customer. This is commonly used in the buyer journey because it can be personalized, which leads to a higher return.

It is time to assess your customers needs and find the customer service software that will benefit your business the most.

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