Disjointed Season 3 is an upcoming show which revolves aroud Ruth Whitefeather Feldman who after years of advocating to legalize cannabis finds a new way of living.

She then starts a medical marijuana dispensary in L.A. It focuses on the difficulties she has to deal with in running her new startup venture.

Ruth’s team includes her son Travis (Moten), three budtenders, and a security guard.

Netflix initially gives the green light for the show to begin production for 20 episodes and decided to release then to two “seasons”. Is Ruth Feldman still living her dream? Has the Disjointed TV series been canceled or renewed for a another season by Netflix?

Disjointed Season 3

Disjointed Season 3: Release Date

Netflix usually renew shows based on audience reaction and viewership. Disjointed even after 2 seasons within six months, couldn’t grab that miuh attention as it was expected nor has high ratings with just gain of 19% viewership on Rotten Tomatoes.

For now, the show isn’t officially renewed. We can’t say for sure that it is done and dusted for the series.

But it is likely that with the current pandemic going on, how the show has failed to manage lesser viewership, it is safe to say, there is no plan from Netflix for renewing.

Disjointed Season 3: Plot

Ruth has endless issues and problems to overcome. Thanks to the marijuana tv show host Dank and Dabby, her dispensary also gets into trouble.

With Ruth facing a number of problems issues and that only will increase when she mistakenly sells hashish by mistake to the minors and smoking pot within the natural forests.

Season two finale ended with Biowave taking over Pete’s mind by way of Bluetooth. Travis quests to interchange Olivia. .

Jenny’s mom also finds out that Travis is a budtender. There are just too many problems for her to figure out.

We don’t how Season 3 will pan out, but if it does get the green light, we expect it will pick up from how season 2 ended.

Disjointed Season 3: Cast

Considering that the original cast returns for the trilogy, we can expect,

  • Kathy Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman
  • Elizabeth Alderfer as Olivia
  • Aaron Moten as Travis Feldman.
  • Tone Bell as Carter
  • Elizabeth Ho as Jenny
  • Betsy Sodaro
  • Chris Redd. 

Other recurring cast members include Nicole Sullivan, Michael Trucco, Peter Riegert, and a few others.

If the show gets renewed, we will be sure to update you on all the news regarding Disjointed Season 3.

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