Fresco is a framework meant for efficient & secure computation and is written in Java and licensed under an open-source MIT license.

The project is meant to make easy the development of prototype applications based on secure computation.

What are the main features of FrescoDocs?

The framework aims to support the development of both new secure computation techniques,i.e., the protocol suites in Fresco, and the development of both new applications using secure computation. In some way, FrescoDocs can be considered a hub providing the infrastructure to connect applications and protocol suites. Below are various unique features of FrescoDocs

  1. Simple & Rapid application development

With the help of Fresco, you can write applications that use secure computation, and you need not be an expert in cryptography. Just specify which data to open and which one to close. The framework offers a standard library of various commonly used secure functionalities.The functionalities can be combined easily to achieve new complex functionalities quickly. Once the application is written, you can use it using various kinds of protocol suites.

  1. Rapid and simple protocol suite development

Fresco framework offers a collection of reusable components and patterns, allowing protocol suites to be developed with less effort. Once the protocol suite is created, you can immediately enjoy the benefit of which many existing applications can run on top of your new suite.

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  1. Flexible and open design

The firmware offers great freedom regarding how you implement protocol suites and applications.These applications can be specified as a textual representation of a circuit or in Java. These protocol suites have complete control and freedom over things like networking and thread scheduling. It is also possible to use JNI to write protocol suites in C and C++ and still enjoy the benefit of access to various existing applications which are written in Fresco.

  1. Support for efficient and large computations

FrescoDocs supports techniques like pre-processing and parallelization, which enable scaling to large computations.


Fresco firmware is designed to run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Below installation guide is tested on macOS and Linux.

Building FrescoDocs from source

The most common way to install Fresco is to build it from the latest source,i.e., GitHub. In this way, you can get all the latest additions to Fresco. To do this,ensure you have installed Maven, Java 8, and git. After that, run the below code in terminal

git clone

cd fresco

mvn install

It will download the Fresco source code and dependencies, compile all the fresco modules, and run the test suite. After a successful build, Maven should install the Fresco module on the system, and a JAR file can also be found in the ./target directory of every comprising module and the local Maven repository.

Note –Test suite executed on mvn installcan take several minutes. For skipping the test and just to run the build, use mvn install – DskipTests.

FrescoDocs latest release

If you wish to install the latest version of FrescoDocs, you can get the source code from the official website and run mvn install.

Also, if your project uses Maven, you can add the dependencies to your projects.

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