Good Morning Call Season 3:“Good Morning Call” is a Japanese manga turned live-action television series that airs on Netflix and Fuji TV for Japanese users.

Based on the manga series by Yue Takasuka, the show follows its main characters in their youth and tracks their evolving relationships from high school to college in Tokyo. While the manga is pretty old, which first came out back in the late ‘90s, the television adaptation is sort of recent. Season 1 was released in February 2016 and Season 2 followed in 2017.

Since then, fans of the show have eagerly been waiting for updates on Season 3. Here’s everything we know so far.


Season 2 of Good Morning Call was aired in November 2017, and as it stands, no announcement concerning the longer term of the show has been made. We also don’t know whether Netflix has plans to renew it or cancel Good Morning Call. Due to the very fact that it has been two years since Season 2 premiered, we place our bets on the show being canceled. If Netflix does renew the show Good Morning Call Season 3, we can expect it to be in 2021.


Good Morning Call Season 3

Good Morning Call is full of the good-looking and charismatic cast. Haruka Fukuhara as Nao Yoshikawa and Shunya Shiraishi as Hisashi Uehara play the lead roles in the show. We also see Shugo Nagashima as Yuichi Mitsuishi, Moe Arai as Marina Konno, Kôya Nagasawa as Jun Abe, Erica Mori as Yuri Uehara, and Kentarô Itô as Issei Data.


Good Morning Call takes place in Tokyo. The story follows the indifferent-turned-love relationship between the lead characters of the show, Nao and Hisashi. Both of them live together as flatmates in an apartment in Tokyo, without anyone’s knowledge at school. At first, Nao is seemingly different from the handsome and popular Hisashi. However, she soon develops feelings for him.

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