GSU icollege APK -If you are a Georgia State icollege University’s or a GSU icollege student, you must need to have this amazing university app on your phone for all your in’s and out of your everyday student life.

No longer are the days where you have to constantly print or check your syllabus, Access assigned courses, etc on your written down a note.

Education has become more easily accessible at your fingertips. Internet and digital content have revolutionized the way we access things more easily.

What is GSU icollege APK?

GSU icollege app is a learning management system that allows you to easily access assigned courses and other related information about iCollege and related tools.

It is an educational web portal that is designed to give not only give students but the faculty, and other staff easy and more personalized access to wide-ranging campus resources in a single app.

GSU college APK is a Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and is developed into a college network.

Through the app, you can get access to learning and education that is upheld with a scope of project educators, graduate students, and a long-lasting staff.

GSU icollege APK Summary

Name GSU icollege APK
Last updated 2 days ago
Version 2.0
Size 2.73 MB
Categories Apps, Education
Price Free
Developer JanjaSoft Apps

What is Georgia State University?

Before we further discuss about the app, let us in a line explain the institution of which we are talking about.

Georgia State University obviously is in Atlanta, Georgia and is a public research university.

Within Georgia itself and the US as a country, GSU College is Considered to be a good and High-Quality College with excellence in teaching and learning cetl and even better at a Great Price.

The University or college is also known for its vibrant student community and has an amazing atmospheric inside the campus.

Speaking of campus, the GSU College has seven campuses with world-class faculty and more than 51000 students.

GSU has a diverse college campus and many student organizations and clubs that students can get involved in with the student body being extremely diverse.

It is also not that expensive compared to USG which makes it very appealing for college hunters.

The campus is very welcoming in the middle of a major city with endless tasks and activities to do and awesome sights to see.

GSU icollege APK Features

Below are few of the main features of the GSU icollege app.

  • Top GSU’s learning management system (LMS).
  • Ability to access assigned courses and train anytime and anywhere.
  • One simple and clean user-interface.
  • Button for the university’s chants and anthems.
  • Continuously updated with events, resources and transportation routes.
  • Campus News- Through the app, you can get hold of all that’s happening in the university campus – the university’s current events, headlines and relevant happenings around campus.
  • Emergency- in case of emergency, you can easily access 911 and the campus police immediately through the “Call for Assistance” tabs. Aside from that, you will also find all the related security resources such as safety, security, and alerts.
  • Admissions- If you have any inquiries, new students are encouraged to submit any inquiries to the Admissions office, IIT technology service desk, instructional support.
  • Campus Tour/Map- This will be extremely helpful for newbies to the city or Georgia State. Its address is Georgia state university 33 Gilmer street se Atlanta ga 404-413-2000.
  • Weather- There’s always Siri or Hello Google! But still, it’s a plus.
  • Social Media – You can always connect to the official GSU College official Twitter/ Instagram and Facebook.
  • Student Services- You will find here everything from enrollment and student activities to the academic calendar, bookstore, health, career services, housing, financial aid, parking, etc.
  • Events- The GSU University has a diverse student body and it comes to a wide calendar of events such as art performances of dance performances and recitals, exhibitions, concerts, graduation and farewell ceremonies, and many more.  
  • Courses- As mentioned above, you will have access to every semester syllabus according to the subject, level, and description.
  • Directory- In the directory, you will pretty much find anyone with tenure. Their phone number and email id will be available. However, recently Newer professors or even graduate students’ personal information may not be available.

How to use the App?

You will find a blue-interactive tab at the bottom of the page.

  • Home Tab: The home tab allows you to go back to to the main dashboard immediately
  • Chant: If you wanna blast your university theme songs. That is the button.
  • Contact: You will find all the contact info such as the GSU Admissions office and others. (Really helpful for new students)
  • Videos: Mainly consists of GSU Propaganda.
  • Share: It allows you to share this amazing app with your university friends in the click of a button. 

Download for iOS

  • Head over to your Apple store and tap on the type bar and search for “Georgia State.”
  • Download the app.
  • Once downloaded, open the app.
  • It’s that simple.

Download and Install GSU icollege APK on Android

  • Download the Georgia State University APK file via the download links at the bottom of the page.
  • Head over to your settings and click on Install from “Unknown Sources”.
  • Locate the APK file and click on it for the installation process to start.
  • It may take a few seconds to a minute.


What is GSU iCollege App?

GSU iCollege APK is a learning management system where you can get all sorts of info ranging from Admission, syllabus to campus news and everything in between.

Is the GSU icollege App Free?

Yes, the app is totally free to use.

Why is it a Must to have App?

Because via the app, you can submit your assignments, check your email, register for classes, check syllabus, download academic evaluations, and many more.

Can we Rent Books via the App?

Through the GSU college App, you can look to rent, read or request through the library lookup.



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