So, How Much is a Book of Forever Stamps cost?

Stamps were used widely and popular until the early ’90s. It was the most electrifying thing and Postage stamps were a necessity to send packages, letters, and parcels.

With the development and advancement of Technology especially wireless communication, it did have a huge impact on the the stamp.

However, stamps are still used and necessary till today. Of course you can facetime, but when you do need to send a parcel or maybe even a letter for old time sake to a friend or relative from a distant place, it is made easy by the United States Postal Service.

If you’ve ever mailed something maybe a letter or a package, you must have an idea that every piece of mail (no matter how big or small the package size) requires postage.

Stamps basically allow you to send a letter within the country or even abroad the country. In most circumstances, for an individual to send a letter or parcel, they need one or more stamps.

A postage stamp are usually placed at the top right corner of the package. The stamp basically communicates to the postmaster that you have actually paid the postage required to send your mail to its destination. However, if your package is without a stamp, your mail will be immediately returned to the sender.

What is a book of stamps?

If this is your first time buying stamp, a book of stamps is basically a booklet that contains one or more panes of stamps with usually 20 total stamps and it is covered in cardboard to protect the stamps from damage.

They are printed on a special type of paper with perforation between the stamps which will make it easier to tear as many as you want without damaging the stamps.

It has all type of stamps including the first class postage stamps and forever stamps.

How Much a Book of Stamps Cost?

Well, since there are many types of Stamps, the price for one book of stamps differs by their types.

Recently, the United States Postal Service set to increase the price of forever stamps by 5 Cents and it’s first class standard mail services by 3 cents which is the biggest hike for postage rates in more than a decade.

The price for sending a postcard was also projected to go up by 34 cents, which is a one-cent increase from its previous price.

Price of Individual Stamp

Earlier, you could get a single Forever stamp for only $0.50. However, now with the price increase from USPS, it has upped to $0.55

However, If you buy a book of stamp, one stamp costs 0.50 cent and you get 20 stamps for $10.

First Class Stamp Price

First of all a quick clarification, depending on the size and weight of the parcel or letter, the price of the first-class stamp varies.

For instance, if the parcel weight is up to 100 gram, the first class stamp will cost you around 0.67 cents. However, if it exceeds 100 gram, it will cost you $1.01.

Where can I buy postage besides post offices?

If you are having inconveniency visiting a USPS location, you can also get from any major grocery stores and pharmacies.

A book of 20 stamps is currently available at $10. Since, this rate is set by the USPS, it is similar everywhere. So, you can buy the stamps books from pretty much any Super Store of your choice – Walmart, Target, Amazon or Costco, etc.

Walmart sell booklets of 20 stamps for $10 priced at 50 cents per stamp, on the other hand, Costco sells stamps not in 20 but in sets of 100.

So, if you only need one or two, you can get from your nearest Walmart store.

You can also get a tons of designs and themes without paying any extra. The themes has around 60 different designs and events and each theme design from people, historical events, famous Americans, traditional Christmas images and celebrations.

Book of stamps cost in Amazon

  • Amazon offers multiple different stamps with different theme design and logos
  • Amazon offers a book of Peace Rose USPS Forever stamps in $16.50.
  • You can also find used Postcards for your collection.

Book of stamps costs in Walmart

Walmart is another retailer where you can get postage stamps without going to your post office.

Walmart offers a book of 20 forever stamps with free home delivery for just $15. Apart from the Forever stamps, it also has book of National Parks Forever postage stamps with 16 stamps for $19.19.

Since Walmart is pretty accessible, it is a no brainer option to get your stamp.

Why stock up on forever stamps?

Also note that the first class stamps are forever which exactly means forever. You can use them forever for standard letter delivery even if the price does increases in the future which bring us to the next point.

Well, you can keep a few ten or twenty stamps just to keep as an antique. Since the First-class mail forever stamps are forever usable and can be used anytime after purchase, even if future price increases.

So, one forever stamp will cover the mailing costs for a 1-ounce letter shipped anywhere in the US. In 2007, the Postal Service began selling the forever stamps when they cost just 41 cents.

How Much is a Book of Forever Stamps?

So, in 2007, a book of 20 forever stamps cost $8.20. After Jan. 27, with the United States Postal Service set to increase the price of forever stamps by five-cent, the book will cost $11.

While a 100 stamps in 2007 cost $41, they will soon price at $55 and will follow if the price increase in the future.

The Rates for Domestic Shipping

With the urgent and Priority Mail Express rate increase 3.4% in the current year. The rates of the parcels starts from $2.67 with a parcel weight 1 OZ. The price of the first class stamp has also increase from 1p to 56p.


To summarise, you can get your book of stamp for $10 from Walmart considering that the price hasn’t hiked. But that is the case at the moment of writing this article.

However, you can your stamp booklet from pretty much any retailer store or order it online via Amazon or eBay. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below and we will try our best to answer it.


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