How to Add Music and Lyrics to Your Instagram Story? Instagram is innovating rapidly and it seems like there is a new feature added on every update.

Since it’s launched of Insta-stories in August 2016, it became an instant hit.

Insta-stories let’s you share all the moments of your day and since it’s based on real-time and unlike the profile post, it’s production value is lower and thus, helps them feel even more authentic and human.

Stories have evolved so much since it’s launch and there many features and options you can now experiment with.

Instagram does offer tons of tools and features to help make your stories as creative and fun as possible.

For instance, a particular story needs some added glow, how about some music?

Instagram’s “music sticker” allows you to select from the thousands of music tunes to their stories that fit the mood. You can select the tracks from its own library or from your favorite music streaming services, like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam.

Music can be a fun and a great way to entertain and delight the viewers.

1. Open the Instagram app and head over to ‘Your Story’

Open the Instagram app and tap the camera button or your Story icon (whichever way you want) to start your story.

There are two options for choosing the content you wanna use on your Story.

  • You can either snap your photo or video directly via the app itself or
  • Upload it from the media saved in the library on your phone.

2. Tap on the Music Sticker

Once you have chosen and happy with the content, you’d like to share, tap the stickers button at the bottom of your screen.

A menu with a variety of options will pop-up and select on the Music feature which in our case is in the middle of the second row.

Whatever way you see, select the “Music” sticker.

3. Choose your Song or Tracks

Once you have selected the Music sticker, a new screen will open up a library of thousands of songs available to choose from.

You can sort by what’s Popular, Genre and moods.

Here are a few things you can do to speed up your selection process:

  • Use the search bar at the top to manually type in the name of the song.
  • The first slide or screen features all the latest and popular songs at that particular time.
  • You can browse by Genre – Hip-Hop, Rock, Latin, Classical, Cinematic, etc.
  • Browse by mood – Fun , Upbeat, Dreamy, Romantic, Bold, etc

Click the play button to preview a song.

4. Select the length of the Song

Now that you’ve picked your song or music tracks for your story, you can scroll to exact parts of the song that fits your story using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

If the song you choose has a lyrics available, they should pop up automatically on your screen. This should help you to choose and select the exact parts to convey your story better.

When someone views your story, they can then tap on the lyrics to learn more about the song.

Some of the songs offer multiple images to choose from and once you are content with the image you’ve chosen, tap “Done” and the song is added to your story in the form of a sticker.

For video posts, the track length will default to the length of your video clip which means the music will play for as long as the entire video runs which Instagram will cut into separate 15-second segments and turning it into multiple stories.

However, for static image stories, the length of the track will be played for a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 5 seconds.

5. Customize Instagram Story looks

Now, the song should appear as a sticker in your story and you should also be able to customize the looks – the layout, design, position, size, etc.

  • Resize the sticker to make it smaller or bigger by pinching and expanding with your two fingers.
  • Hold and drag to reposition anywhere on the screen.
  • Change the color of the text.
  • Change background-color.

You can further add GIFs, hashtags, polls or anything else you might like to add.

6. Publishing

When you’re done tweaking the music, customizing your story, tap “Send To >” to share your Story!

Alternatively, if you only want your story to be seen by specific people, tap Send To and select the users.

Upload from Media Library

Rather than taking your video on the app at the moment itself, using a pre-recorded content can give you more flexibility with your sticker.


Simply hold down on it and pin the sticker to a specific person or object in the video. This will allow the sticker to follow and move along with the object as it moves in the video.

Static Image

To add music to a static image for your story, tap the camera icon < Swipe up < Select the image < tap next < tap the sticker icon at the top bar, then select the Music sticker.

How to Add Music From Third-Party Service

To use third-party music apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam, you first need to have the individual apps installed on your device first.


  • Open the Spotify mobile app.
  • Choose the song you wanna use on your Instagram Story.
  • Tap the ellipses icon at the top-right and select the Share option.
  • Select the Instagram Stories and you will be taken to your Instagram story, where your selected song appears with its cover art.
  • You can edit it further by adding stickers, gifs, texts, scribble, etc
  • Tap the Your Story icon to post with your song selected on the story.

Open Spotify From Instagram

Your viewers can also trackback to the spotify link of the song you shared on your story.

  • Tap Your Story
  • Tap Play on Spotify and then Open Spotify to open the song in the Spotify app.


The process is quite similar to Spotify.

  • Open the Shazam app.
  • Choose the track.
  • Tap on the More icon < Share
  • Select the Instagram Stories option.
  • Add gifs, text, and customize it the way you like.
  • Tap “Your Story” to post.


  • Open the SoundCloud app.
  • Select the song you wanna add to your story.
  • Tap the Share icon < select Instagram Stories
  • Tap “Your Story” to post.

How to Select the Song before Creating the Story

If you would rather select the song to sync in real-time with your story creation, tap on the Camera < tap on the “Music” option at the bottom of your screen.

This allows you to record the video with music playing along. From there, the remaining steps are the same as mentioned above.

How to add lyrics to your Instagram Story

You can now add the lyrics to your favorite songs on your Instagram story.

So, after you have added the music sticker, tap through the set of icons displayed.

After you select the song, choose a snippet of the song, and if the lyrics are available, the corresponding lyrics will appear.

Tap on any of the available “A” icons to select from the four different lyric-formatting options.

Bonus Tips

Always make sure to preview your story to see how it feels with the audio and if there are any mistakes to correct and avoid uploading an embarrassing video. 

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