How to Write a Check Chase Bank – For instance, if you are from a “check-writing era,” it does have some sort of achievement and make it feel important and something official. Let’s discuss chase how to write a check.

Personally, i haven’t wrote a check for a minute now. Check Withdrawal has decline over the years with the rise of ATM and other online payment methods.

But still that doesn’t mean it has become obsolete. As a matter of fact, AMERICANS do still indeed write a lot of checks – according to Feds report, more than 18 billion checks are being withdrawn in the year 2016 alone, 14.5 billion of them, worth $25.8 trillion, in 2018.

The number alone shows that checks still is relevant and have a place in today modern world.

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Writing a check may be confusing for a newbie. In this tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step on filling up your Check as simple and easy as possible.

how to write a check chase bank

IMPORTANT: Avoid writing pre-advance checks and avoid pre-signing it to cash. Yes, it can be convenient but you are leaving yourself prone to get your hard-earned money stolen in case, the check gets lost.

How to Write a Check Chase Bank:

How to Write a Check Chase Bank

The above figure is an example of what an actual check looks like. From the image below, there are 6 fields that are required to be filled.


The date section is located at the top right corner of the check. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

You fill up the current date, month and year in that order. Note that the date has to be of the day you are trying to withdraw your money.

This also can help you keep track of your money and finances. Alternatively, you can also postdate a check, however unless you have a previous arrangement, a postdated check CANNOT be deposited in the back and neither it can be cleared until the date on the check reaches.

Payee to the order of

This section will be filled out with the name of the person or company you are paying. If it’s an individual person, input their name and If it’s a company, write the company name.

Make sure to double check the recipient name and the spelling if you are unsure about it because if there is an issue and a single spelling mistake will not allow the check to be cashed.

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Amount to be paid:

Again pretty self-explanatory, in this filed mention the amount of money to be paid. One in numeric value form and the other in words as well.

Amount in Numerical Value

Write the amount to be paid in Number. i.e $1500

Make sure to include the cents value too. Pay extra careful in filling up the numbers more so if it includes cents. Double check your full stops, and commas to avoid making mistakes that can change the amount which can easily cause the check to not clear.

If it does include cents, add the cents after a full stop. eg $4.81.

However, If there are no cents included in the amount, include a full stop and two zeroes after, e.g., $ 674.00 to show that you have sealed off the amount with nothing more to add.

Amount in words

This field indicates the amount to be written in words. Write the exact amount of money you have put in the above box, this time in words. Make sure to add the cents too.

If the two amount differs, the check will be considered null and void and you cannot cash out. So, double check to make sure that they are similar.

Just an optional, but if there is space, it is recommended to write in all capital letters to make it harder to alter the information.

For Memo:

In this section, write down the reason for drawing/using the check. For instance, using the below example, the check is being paid for Grocery Shopping in Wal-Mart.

how to write a check

This is an optional and not a mandatory step when writing checks, if the owner of the Grocery store who you are paying with check does not want to input this field, then you won’t have to.

However, this can helps you keep track of what you paid for and your finance in general.


Now for the final step, you get to sign you signature in this field. This is the final step to determine whether or not the check is valid as a check cannot be cashed without having a signature.

Note that you must sign in with the signature that is on record with the bank; otherwise, it will be not be validated for withdrawal.

After writing the check:

After finishing writing the check and having issued it to the payee, it is recommended to make a record of it and keep a copy of the same check just in case you may need it later for accounting or whatever purpose.

Your check register enables you to record your every check that you have spend and given out. This will also help you keep track of your money.

When recording to check information in the register, make sure to ensure to capture the following info;

  • The check number.
  • Date of the check.
  • Memo – Reason for the transaction and why you were paying with the check.
  • Total Amount Paid

What If You Don’t Have Checks?

You can order them online or via your local Chase Bank Branch. If you are looking to check your monthly statement, you can login to your internet banking and view your statements online.

How To Order Chase Checks

Personal Checks

  • First of all, go to and sign in with your account, then click on the ‘Customer Center.’
  • Next, find the section ‘Checking / Savings Account Services’ and select the ‘Order checks or deposit slips.’
  • From there, click on the bank account that you want to order checks with.
  • A new*window will pop up and you’ll be able to select the new checks that you’d like to order and can even personalize those checks.

Business Checks

You can order the checks on the Deluxe website or by calling the number 1-888-560-3939. Keep your routing/transit and account numbers.
The check ordering process is similar to ordering the individual/personal checks as above.

If you are having trouble, simply visit your nearest Chase Bank Branch and order both the personal and business checks from the branch.

When to Consider Writing a Check?

  • When paying for bills online:
  • Shopping at a small business
  • Gifting money
  • Tracing important payments
  • Protecting your identity
  • When Paying employees

If you are a business owner, you can use checks to pay your employees. This also helps to keep track of your HR records, and have an evidence of when the money was spent, and how much was paid. This can helps in case of false accusation and if there are disagreements later on.

Additional check writing tips:

There are a few steps to ensure you are safe from frauds which is very common.

Make it permanent:

Rather than writing a check with a pencil which can be erased and changed using an eraser, it would be wise to use a pen and make it permanent and just for one use only.

As a matter of fact, use of pencils on checks is disallowed in most banks.

Don’t issue blank checks:

A common sense but just as a reminded, never issue out a blank check for whatever the case may be. Anyone can fill up and fake it which is quite dangerous.

If this blank check happens to get lost, anyone who finds it can simply fill in their name and voila! The check becomes theirs, and they are free to cash it.

Make a carbon copy:

If possible, try to make a carbon copy of the check before giving it out. This provides you with a paper record and a proof of the check and can also be used as an evidence if there is any case of a dispute.

Correct signature:

Do you change your signature over the years or have many signatures at once? Most people tend to have that trouble and not to have any legible signatures.

For bank purpose, it is recommended to have a good and legible signature that you can use at all times, and one that isn’t easy to forget.

Don’t make it a habit:

For personal reason, don’t make it a habit unless you are from the check writing era and have been doing it for a long time and can’t get rid of the habit.

Although checks are not that as risky as banks usually have certain security measures in place for fraud, it is always in the best interest of you to safeguard your check use.


Although, using paper checks scream old-school, it still have it’s use. So, don’t discount them entirely yet. There are some instances, such as gifting someone, when paying small businesses, paying your taxes, etc in which it is perfectly acceptable to write a paper check.

Hopefully, this tutorial helped you in completing all of the fields within a check. Be sure to avoid any Small mistakes as a simple one-word mistake can cause the check to be invalidated.


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