Is ShowBox down? It has been in everyone’s mind for a while now since it’s sudden news about being shut down spread over Twitter.

Showbox app is one of the best movies and TV shows streaming app out there. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is free and provides massive content for free.

It is widely regarded as a great alternative to major subscription-based platforms like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime.

Unfortunately, ShowBox has not been working for several days now and it has left many users of the app confused whether it is truly gone and that the developers have abandoned it.

Is Showbox Still Down?

Yes, ShowBox is still down. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official update or news regarding the streaming service.

Showbox is still not available and its developers are being actively targeted by major corporate entertainment studios.

But there has been speculation that the developers might come back but this time with a different name.

If we look back three years ago16, there used to be several reports claiming that they can’t access the app and it is not working anymore. Nonetheless, they made a comeback.

So, everything is possible at the moment.

Why is Showbox Down?

I am sure you already know that ShowBox is not exactly a legal streaming app. It is a pirated content/torrent aggregators.

The app searches and indexes different torrent clients and sites which then allows users to stream and watch the content on the app itself without leaving and it also features a massive library of movies and TV shows.

Downloading copyrighted material without permission from the studio or the copyright owner is illegal but the law is less straight or clear in terms of streaming.

Nonetheless, ShowBox has been always targetted by lawsuits and complaints to shut them down.

Update: On December 7, ShowBox tweeted out that they got hit with a big legal issues that cannot be resolved.

This must be the reason why it was shut down.

Will Showbox return?

Maybe? maybe not. There is still no official news, but if you visit their latest tweet, there might be a glimpse of hope of it coming back.

But don’t expect anytime soon tho.

In a Twitter post, @real_ShowBox tweeted: “Sorry that we do see comments stating that the app is not loading and working. We think this is dependant on your location, but we should have our servers up everywhere soon!”

They then follow by tweeting: “Our servers are still down, this set back hit harder than the developer team expected and we just want to let you know they are still working very hard to get it fixed for you”.

Is Showbox legal?

It operates in the legal-grey area but many wanted to see it gone. According to a news article from TorrentFreak, Cloudflare was asked to give out the identity of the people and webmasters behind sites like, Showbox. software,,,,, and by production companies.

Many websites that are promoting ShowBox were targetted too. So, it’s not exactly legal.

Should I Download the App?

Copyright and streaming law differs from region to region but usually illegal streaming and pirated content is a punishable offence. 

Whether it’s the publisher or the viewer, it not crystal clear as ShowBox is in a “non-clear” legal area and it could be affected at any moment.

There is no clear settled legal order on this matter, though there are case of threatening legal action, especially over highly pirated and major events events like pay-per-view boxing or other sort of matches.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend since piracy is a crime and would encourage the use of legal streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

However, if you do have to use the app, i would recommend the use of VPN Connection just for extra security.

Many of the websites offering ShowBox APK are giving warning message;

“Show Box is not a legal and legitimate app to stream movies an TV Shows. Since, the movie studios will be able to see your location via your IP address and your viewing history! You can be sued for copyright infringement.”


ShowBox is down and its time to move on. But who knows they may come back in the future. If that happens we will be the first one to update you with it.

Until then, say Adios to the app who lets you stream your favorite movies and TV Shows.

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