With a great or may I say a bloody start ‘Kingdom’ is now one of the loved TV series on Netflix.

After huge appraisal for the season, 2 fans are now curious about whether there will be a season 3 for the kingdom.

Kingdom: What is it about?

If you don’t know what is this series about let me help you out. Prince Lee chang played by Ju Ji-hoon comes finds a building full of dead bodies when he was investigating his father’s illness. This belongs to a physician who is apparently treating his father. But when asked about the bodies the prince finds out that they aren’t totally dead, they will rise again!

Along with that, the city is infected by the plague. The prince and the physician played by Bae Doo-na have to deal with the plague and also save the royal throne from being overthrown.

Kingdom Season 3: Will there be a season 3?

Kingdom Season 3

There are some strong talks doing rounds that the show has been renewed for a season 3. Although there is no official news from Netflix the news of new cast points to the possibility of another season.

Earlier the season 3 was going to be released in 2020 but was postponed due to the current pandemic situations. According to new information the season will be released in 2021…yes its a long wait.

Kingdom Season 3: What is the renewal status?

In an interview with the writer of kingdom Kim Eun-hee had the following to say:

She said that kingdom is a series that gives her the energy to write more. Even the cast has great chemistry together. she even said that if the audience allows, the series can go up to 10 seasons! Well, Kim just so you know we do adore the series and would love to see 10 seasons.

She also said that Jun Ji Hyun will become a central role. Along with the main characters from season one and two.

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