Kingdom, the zombie drama show on Netflix. Beware, do not compare it with the mainstream zombie thriller shows, this one is much more than that.

It actually can be related to the present world right now as to how does the social and political scenario changes amid a pandemic. After all, the show also features a pandemic.

Moreover, the plot of the show is much more than just the same old zombie story of survival, this one might have a cure. Well, before getting deep into that stuff let us first see if there will a future of the show or not.

Kingdom Season 3

When will the third season release?

It has been over five months since the release of the second season and we are still nowhere close to an update regarding the third season. I guess Netflix just isn’t ready to get something that out yet. Perhaps the pandemic might affect the views. However, I think people would take it more like a thing of entertainment rather than judging it psychologically.

Well, as far as Kim Eun-Hee is concerned, she is more than just interested in taking the series for a fine ten season, provided Netflix renews it in time.

Although no updates have come from Netflix regarding the release of the third season of the show, I guess 2021 would be the year for it. Given the popularity of the show and the plot, Netflix would just be a fool to pull the plug on this one. Hence, late 2021 sound like a good time to release the show.

Moreover, the previous season indicated a possible cure for the zombie apocalypse. Well, it would just be cruel of Netflix if they cancel it now. I mean would you not want to see a happy ending to something that generally ends at a bap point. I know I would want to.

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