So, you are annoyed and frustrated about limitations with almost all the Android apps and games out there.

With their annoying ads, in-app purchases and numbers of permissions, many users are not happy with it.

That is where Lucky Patcher comes in.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an app which gives you the full control over your installed games and apps. You can modify any apps and games and also it requires no root access to work.

Apart from that, other features include such as- Block ads, remove unwanted system apps, ability to backup apps before and after modifying and much more.

When to use Lucky Patcher?

There are many reasons and varies to each user according to their own needs and wants.

But for this example, let’s imagine that you have just downloaded an awesome game that you really like.

But your excitement is short-lived when you found out that only limited characters, resources, and items are available.

To unlock the rest of them, you either have to pay and unlock it or play a number of games to accumulate enough coins to buy in the shop.

But you don’t like to spend any money on the game?

What do you do?

Well, with Lucky Patcher APK, you can Crack the games easily and get free coins enough to get you what you need and more things that need to buy.

Lucky Patcher APK Info:

NameLucky Patcher
Latest Versionv8.8.6
Size8 MB
RequirementAndroid 2.3+

Features of Lucky Patcher

Well, frankly speaking, Lucky Patcher can do a lot of things.

Note: It does require you to root privileges in order to perform tasks like moving the apps to sd card and converting app to system app.

Of course, you can use it on non-rooted devices too but you have to reinstall the app after modifying. That’s the only difference.

1. Create a MOD version

You can very easily Crack the game with Lucky Patcher and modify it according to your own needs such as- Get lots of gold, gems in-game by using a feature called the Custom Patch.

2. Custom Patches

You get a list of all the custom patches for many games and apps. To name a few such as-  Mini militia, Temple run, subway surfers and many more.

Note that these custom patches are already unlocked with resources such as-  Gold, coins, gems, diamonds, boost ups, etc.

So, you can basically use these patches directly to patch up your games and apps to unlock their resources for absolutely free.

However, Custom Patch feature is available and applies to only a list of selected games as they are developed only for the crackable apps, mostly the offline ones.

You can check the list of games that can Custom Patches which is updated daily here.

3. Remove Ads

Ads are literally the most annoying thing while using or playing an app or a game which interrupts your progress.

Developers usually integrate AdMob ads on their apps or game to make money.

If the Ads are not that intrusive, then I would recommend to not change it as it would be unethical.

But nowadays most of them are being spammed and sometimes become out of control.

If that’s the case, You can easily block ads with lucky patcher.

So, Go ahead and remove the annoying ads in any application.

4. Free In-App Purchases

Fun fact: Free In-App Purchases is the most used feature in Lucky Patcher.

Rather than wasting money to buy in-app purchases, get premium apps and games for free by removing in-app purchase verification.

Use Lucky Patcher to make free purchases of premium stuff in your games or apps and get your favorite items, without the need for paying actual real money.

Note: This feature does not work for the highly secured apps & games, but in most case, it will work and still potentially can save you money in many situations.

5. Bypass License Verification

License verification error is a common problem especially if you install apps and games from third-party websites or install any paid application for free.

Lucky Patcher allows you to Bypass License Verification.

So,  simply patch the app to bypass the license verification and enjoy all the paid application for free.

6. Remove and Modify app Permissions

Most of the games and apps we install on usually ask for dubious permissions meaning they are not required for the app to function.

For example, an offline game asking for permission to grant internet connection.

Lucky Patcher grants you the ability to remove any suspicious and unwanted permissions from your app.

This will drastically help protect your security and privacy & also stop the apps from mining and stealing your data such as contacts & storage, etc.

7. Convert App To System App

For example, you are a music lover and want your Spotify app to be permanently installed on your Android smartphone.

Well,  now you can by converting that specific app to a system app and move to the root of your device meaning it can’t be uninstalled again.

Note: To perform this function, it requires root access

8. Create Clone Application

You can create a duplicate application on your phone in 4-5 simple steps with LuckyPatcher.

Step 1: Launch Lucky Patcher

Step 2: Select the Application to clone

Step 3: Select the appropriate Tool

Step 4: Select Clone Application and select some more options (or not)

Step 5: Select Clone.

It’s that simple!

9. Move Apps To SD Card

Sometimes it’s annoying the fact that your SD card has 3 Gb free space but you constantly get low storage space because all the apps that you install get installed on the device internal storage by default.

There is no option to change the location of the installed app.

Well now you have, you can easily move your apps from the internal storage to sd card.

It will save you much internal storage and thus at the same time improves your performance too.

Note: You can move your apps to the sd card from the manage app option right below the app section.


  • Decent Internal Storage
  • At least 2GB Ram
  • Root (Optional)


  • Internal Storage
  • Draw Over Apps
  • Manage Contents

If your Android meets all the requirements given above, you are good to go.

More Info on How to use Lucky Patcher

It’s rather easy and nothing complicated. Open the app after installation is completed.

Different color codes will show up depending on the application and the likelihood of success.

  • Green: To remove the License Verification, tap and hold on the screen for a few seconds and select the “Remove License Verification”. The chances of being successful are very high.
  • Red: Cannot Patch this application or Nothing found to Patch.
  • Cyan: The app has found Google Ads. To remove it, select “Remove Google Ads”. However, in some case, this can corrupt the application.
  • Yellow: There are found patches and even custom patches for the application.
  • Violet: The application is in the startup list.
  • Orange: System application. You need to consider patching these applications.

Installation Guide for Lucky Patcher

Step 1: Download the Lucky Patcher Apk File

Note: When you download the APK files, sometimes you may be prompted with a message warning that this type of file can harm the device.

It is your browser just following security protocol.

Don’t worry about it. Since our APK files are secure and safe which we will discuss below. So, ignore it and tap OK

Step 2: Go to Phone Settings >> Security >> Privacy >> Unknown Source. Make sure you allow the install unknown sources option.

In some case, it also auto-redirects to you to the settings page.

Step 3: The installation process begins automatically.

Or if it did not, locate the Lucky Patcher Apk file on your download folder and run the installation.

Step 4: Disable the Unknown Sources Option

I don’t see many people care about this last step and they are leaving a huge security loophole.

After you finish installing the Lucky Patcher Apk file, simply go back to the Privacy << Unknown Sources and Uncheck it again.

That way, in case someone is trying to auto install a hack or anything of that sort. They don’t have absolute control over your phone.

It is a very simple task but it can save you from many headaches.

Just know that the most unexpected things happen at the most unexpected time.

So, just to be on the safe side. Make sure you do that.


Note that there are some fake sites offering the Lucky Patcher APK. Beware of it as you may end up downloading malware or virus. If not you may also be provided with a tampered version.

So, you need to be picky and wary in choosing where to download the APK of the app.

But I am not saying, all of the sites that are offering Lucky Patcher APK are tampered or dangerous.

All I am saying is to be careful where you download.

Our APK files are 100% Untampered and free from all hacks and viruses.

We also try our best to keep up-to-date with the latest Lucky Patcher APK.


What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a tool that’s not designed for cracking purposes but does offer a series of features to manipulate apps that, illegalities aside, let you do certain operations which in specific situations might be of great help.

How does Lucky Patcher work?

Lucky Patcher works by simply changing the app data from the storage mainly the AndroidManifest.XML file.

However, Lucky Patcher needs root access to modify the app or game data. 

Is Lucky Patcher safe to use?

Lucky Patcher is fairly safe.

Although there are some apps that detect if Lucky Patcher installed and hence refuse to work unless Lucky Patcher is uninstalled. But it can be bypassed using some Xposed module.


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