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Mangastream is one of the best and the frontrunner in the manga niche websites that have gone off the web in the week.

The Twitter and Facebook handle of the famous online manga comics site has disappeared, and their websites are down.

Luckily we have for you some working Proxies links and 16 alternatives to Mangastream. Continue reading…

What Is MangaStream?

MangaStream is a web scanlation manga comic database where anyone can read Japanese comics with none additional charges. it’s a free service for comics lovers. The site has been around for nearly a decade providing free manga.

What happened with Mangastream?

The official website of Managstream has been down entirely and inaccessible. However, an internet site by the URL remains active, however, it’s legitimacy has not been confirmed yet. It maybe a clone site.

There has been no official report from Mangastream or their small-sized staff about the immediate pack up of the Mangastream site.

Is Mangastream illegal?

Mangastream may be a scanlation site. Scanlation websites give scans of Manga by fans who translate, edit the comics into several other languages along side subtitle.

An artist initially publishes mangas under an issuing company that owns the proper. it had been a violation of property rights(piracy, imitation) of the publishers, like Shueisha and a big loss of revenue to the publishers also because the artists performing on them.

MangaStream Working Proxies Proxy/Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
New MangaPark ProxyONLINEVery Fast
Unblock MangaParkONLINEVery Fast
MangaPark UK UnblockONLINEVery Fast
MangaPark MirrorONLINEVery Fast
MangaPark ProxyONLINEVery Fast
Fast MangaParkONLINESlow Fast
MangaPark AlternativeONLINENormal
MangaPark US UnblockONLINESlow
MangaPark Proxy MirrorONLINESlow

Top Best MangaStream Alternatives may be a site very almost like Mangastream and an honest alternative thereto. It helps you get all the newest manga in one place. the location has well organized its content into genres to which they belong that has romance, sci-fi, comedy, fancy, horror, and far more.

The site provides you an choice to bookmark your favorite manga in order that you’ll easily get thereto subsequent time you pay your visit.

The interface is straightforward and quite easy to use. the location requires no account and is FREE. it’s accessible on all the platform. the sole drawback is that the frequent shooting up of ads.


Kissmanga may be a free online comic website which has quite 100,000 manga series, making it the most important directory of them. Read manga with high quality graphics and the site is updated daily regualarly of all the genres. you’ll also receive the newest chapter’s notifications and therefore the manga list.

You can manage your favorite comics and share them together with your contacts.There is also a category option to look and obtain the ranking list of manga comics. Best site to observe anime is gogoanime.


MangaFreak is another popular Manga site that features a torrent of content across different genres. The web site isn’t as popular as its competitors that I even have introduce earlier. But it still is better than some in certain regards.

It is amongst the few manga comic that provides the option to downloading manga comics on your device.


MangaDex not just provides tons of mangas but it also has different versions of every manga. It features a coloured version, also an alternative fan-fiction endings, and official crossover manga series. Not just that, MangaDex ahs support for quite 20 different languages, including German, Italian, etc.

It also has a forum section where users can discuss and debate anything about the mangas with the entire community open there.

Talking about the interface, then its neither good nor it’s terrible. it’s a reasonably decent looking website. It has a 2005 website design, but that doesn’t strip off the content it offers.


TenManga may be a good alternative to MangaStream. it’s got a lot of manga for you to read and lots of more to get. you’ll look for your favorite manga comic from the search tab provided. the location features a large database that has comics from different genres. the location brings you a special feature called ‘Surprise’, which you’ll use if you’re unsure what to read or want to read something new.

The site features a user-friendly interface. The one big pros of this site are that there are not any ads shooting up to interrupt you while reading. It’s an excellent site and price a visit.

You will find Manga of varied genres on this MangaStream alternative. Without one payment or registration, you’ll read all of your favourite manga comics online.

It is an excellent website and one among my favourite manga comics websites. You’ll be ready to browse this site’s manga list, remake, genre and random Manga.


MangaPanda is Manga streaming with an interface same on Mangastream. All the manga comic series are often mentioned during this Website.

When you look for Manga Panda, you’ll enter an enormous library of thousands of manga comics translated in English. The site is accessible on all devices – Smartphone, tablet, Laptop or PC. It has tons of genres to choose from- action, adventure, mystery, romance, thriller, etc

The website is free to access and you can also get access to first comic rather than the translated one. However, this website isn’t completely hassle-free. you’ll find ads and link pop-ups which can annoy you while you’re accessing Manga Panda.


Another great MangaStream alternative which will quickly fulfil your manga reading interest is that the MangaFox. Now before talking anything about MangaFox, we might wish to tell you that its popularity has given emergence to numerous fake MangaFox websites and therefore the one which is ranking on top of the google search results is that the

Now, the fake one is additionally not that bad, but its service isn’t that good.

The original MangaFox features a colour theme of orange, white and black. Its manga updates are fast that the new manga gets available on an equivalent day of its official release.

It also features a very user-friendly and clean interface for reading manga that has adaptive zoom for better reading. It also has an app that gives even better manga reading experience. But the app isn’t available on any of the official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


MangaReborn, another enjoyable alternative for MangaStream. the location is extremely simple but possesses some pretty great things for your love of reading.

The interface of this site has been kept very simple and is straightforward to navigate. the location possesses a news section that keeps you updated with the newest buzz of the manga world. it’s going to ask you to register at a while. the location is free and no annoying ads in the least and accessible through any platform.


KissManga has a tons of collection of over 1,00,000 manga comics and will never allow you to run out of content. With KissManga, you’ll be ready to read plenty of high-quality scans of all the favored and exclusive manga comics.

These manga comics get updated chapters as soon as they get officially launched to make sure of the great possible experience of Manga stories. Additionally, you’ll obtain the notifications and even the manga list of the new chapters.


With an evergrowing manga collection of quite 10,000 mangas, you’ll make evergrowing hunger for manga reading fully satisfied. the web site keeps its URL address keeps changing because its popularity has made the DMCA cases against the location.

It also has scanned manga collection which mainly consists of Japanese mangas but also features a substantial amount of Korean Manga, HongKong Manga, Chinese Manga, European Manga and many others more.

The site is well organized into different categories and genres. Also, aside from scanned mangas, it’s a fanatical Manga Spoiler and News section. in order that the passionate manga lovers can get updated to the newest and upcoming manga and manga news.


MangaEden is another popular alternatives of MangaStream. MangaEden may be a fine website for your manga cravings but features a very limited array of genres to settle on from. the gathering is updated frequently for the newest content.

While the location is free but possesses some features which are accessible only you register. No annoying ads and may be reached through any platform.


ComiXology is a free cloud-based digital comics website. it’s compatible with iOS, web, and Android. It is easy to customize your search preferences on the idea of the genre you wish. you’ll download the mobile application for quick access. it’s an exquisite platform for comic lovers.

No matter what your device is, you’ll read all of your favorite manga comics in English on this website. due to all its features, it’s taken together of the simplest websites like MangaStream.


Manganelo is amongst those manga scanlation sites, which is employed by several manga search engines, manga books index for streaming its manga comics uploads on their policy.
Vertical scroll feed for study subsequent page of the Manga’s episode is out there on Manganelo.


MangaOwl is one among the best MangaStream alternatives that you simply can use. the web site features a very convenient interface with a white and orange theme. It also has a well sectioned Genre option which features a total of 52 different options starting from Motion to Yuri.

Its user ratings out of 10 and views per manga are a number of the minor but essential things that always help find good manga. aside from this, there are numerous sections just like the Must Read Section, New Release section, Latest Update section, hottest Manga section, etc.


Another alternative to MangaStream is MangaKakalot. MangaKakalot may be a typical website with everything kept very simple. the location features a passable collection of comics. It gives an choice to look for the manga you would like. The interface of this site is extremely handy, easy for the youngsters too. This website works smoothly with no ads shooting up. It are often accessed through any platform and it’s completely free.


Mangago is that the best alternative among all. the location has pretty good features in its beta version. the location features a jumbo database with all the best-loved manga that has Naruto, Astro Boy, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and lots of more. the location won’t let anyone down and has content for all the age groups.

The interface is unambiguous and user-friendly. the location features a special feed section for updates. the location features a section where you’ll post your queries. it’s no pop-ads to disturb you and is accessible on any platform. it’s highly recommendable.

Viz Media

Viz Media is another free sites for manga comic reading with an in-app purchases. it’s free for Android and iOS devices but you’ll got to buy the subscription decide to read mangas with the PC version. Not only manga, but it also features a huge library of Japanese anime and stories.

Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn may be a massive manga community which is devoted to spreading the manga comics worldwide legally. you’ll got to have an account on Manga Reborn to read any manga on its website. Here you’ll stay yourself updated with the newest manga news and may also discuss anything about the manga comics with a substantial manga loving community.

The website features a pretty decent look and with a white and maroon theme which is fairly appealing. Manga Reborn is out there with mangas in several languages, including languages like German and Italian. you’ll chat with other members to accumulate characters’ data or anonymous names. the web site is increasing its particular user and comparatively new.

MangaStream FAQ:

What are Popular Manga Comics On MangaStream?

MangaStream had a huge database and was engaging many manga lovers per month. There are tons of manga comics that are very popularly read on the MangaStream website. One Piece Manga, Fairy Tail Manga, My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia, Shokugeki No Soma, and Promised Neverland are a number of the foremost popular Manga comics on MangaStream.

Do These Sites Charge For The Content?

No, these sites don’t charge for content. You can access it for free of charge. But these sites may ask you to register to unlock the additional features they supply.

Is Taking The Subscription Necessary?

No. Most of them don’t require any quite subscription. But they offer extra benefits to the membership, so it’s up to make your choice.

How to Stop Pop-up Ad?

Install a Pop-up ad blocker to solve the problem.

Disclaimer: doesn’t verify the legality or legitimacy of any of the services mentioned during this page. We do not stand by or promote illegal activities. This article is to be used for educational purposes alone.

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