The city has a new boss, and his name is Amado.

The season 2 of Narcos: Mexico’s finale is Amado Carrillo Fuentes as Jose Maria Yazpic established Miguel angel Felix Gallardo Diego Luna as the de facto heir of the empire.

So, finally, Netflix has not yet released an official statement about Narcos Mexico Season 3 of, but producer Eric Newman is already on board: “I’ll do that until they let me do it.”

Rapper Bad Bunny has also given us a big reason to think that season 3 has already been filmed. Here we know everything about the upcoming season 3.

Season 1 of the Narcos spin-off ‘Narcos: Mexico’ revolves around Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s largest narcotics trafficking cartel in Mexico. The second season reflected over Gallardo’s downfall in the business with him losing all his power, friends, and freedom.

Narcos Mexico Season 3

It will be a great deal to watch the third season and what fate has kept unfolded for Gallardo. The show has never failed to surprise the fans whether it is Pablo Escobar’s twisted tale or Gallardo’s might moves in the business.

We know it’s not confirmed but when will it likely be released?

The season 1 of Narcos: Mexico released in November 2018. With the release date of 13 February 2020, the season 2 took more than a year to be released. And We’re guessing that we won’t see another upcoming next season 3 of Narco Mexico until 2021 at least, given the coronavirus pandemic.

So, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Bad Bunny who will appear in next Season 3 of Narcos: Mexico in a main supporting role it was revealed that the filming had started before the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, and was then forced to pause. So, yes of course, now we’re guessing: what could be the role of the Puerto Rican rapper?

Because as we believe and as you are thinking. It can be seen early in the coming new year itself. No confirmation has been made so far, yet we can expect the show to return at the end of 2020 or early 2021.

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