Amazon selling can be very lucrative when done right. Unfortunately, many first-time sellers make mistakes that hinder their success and put them off of using the platform. As with any business, you need to carefully research, study, and learn about Amazon before you start selling. If you approach Amazon carefully, then you might be able to make a fortune from it.

If you rush into selling on Amazon, then there’s a very strong chance that you will make a mistake. This article will outline all of the mistakes that you need to avoid making:

Not Taking Classes

If you’re totally new to the concept of selling products on Amazon, then not taking a class is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. According to the Amazon selling experts from, if you jump straight into Amazon selling you can get crushed before you even have the opportunity to start. If you are going to take classes, then make sure that you research the course provider so that you can be sure their content is high-quality and engaging. You could also ask former participants for their opinion. You can likely find these people on forums and in chat rooms dedicated to the subject of Amazon selling.

Oversaturated Niche

Another mistake to avoid is selecting an oversaturated niche to sell in. Lots of first-time sellers think that by choosing an oversaturated niche, they are guaranteed customers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are thousands of established sellers in the most prominent niches, all vying for one another’s business. There’s very little chance that if you set up in an oversaturated niche, you are going to be able to gain enough exposure to take their customers and dominate the market. Try to find a niche that is quieter, but still popular. Emerging niches are always very effective, though it can be hard to find niches that are in the process of increasing in popularity – that aren’t already oversaturated.

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Customer Service

Lots of Amazon sellers neglect their customer service. If you don’t communicate with your customers, then you will likely leave bad feedback. This is especially true if there are frequently problems with the orders that you dispatch, and you don’t rectify or correct them through messages. Amazon’s rating system is crucial to your success. If your ratings are bad or you don’t take time to respond to your customers, then you will develop a bad reputation, and you won’t have any success selling to people in the future. Make sure that you take your store’s customer service very seriously.

Product Listing

When you are listing products, make sure that you put effort into your individual product’s listings. If you do not, then customers may not purchase from you. Even for things like beauty care products that customers may have purchased hundreds of times before, they like to read the description so that they get the right product. If your product listings aren’t concise, to the point, and descriptive, then customers won’t feel confident purchasing from you. If you are struggling to write effective product descriptions, then look at similar products and their descriptions listed by other sellers and rewrite them. Make sure that you don’t copy them word for word because this can get you in trouble. You could also hire a content writer to write product descriptions for you.

Product Listing

Shipping Options

Lots of first-time Amazon sellers try to make a profit out of their shipping options. This is a very bad decision. Don’t ever try to do this. Customers know how much things cost to ship. If you try to charge twice the amount of shipping an item would cost, you can end up putting your customers off and deterring them from wanting to do business with you. You shouldn’t ever try to take your customers for a ride. Get a quote on shipping before you list an item and keep shipping down.

Order Fulfilment

Finally, we arrive at this list’s most important point: order fulfilment. If you don’t fulfil orders in time, then your customers will definitely shop elsewhere. Many Amazon sellers offer same-day delivery services. Others offer next day delivery. If you take several days to fulfil your customer’s orders, then not only will they shop elsewhere, but you will be left with bad reviews, which will prevent future consumers from shopping with you, even after you have amended your fulfilment times. Don’t overlook the importance of order fulfilment.

Amazon selling is a very reliable way of making money. If you want to make money from it, then it’s important that you attend classes, read instructional guides like this, and treat it as you would any other business.

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