Project free TV Movies – Looking for a way to watch online all episodes for free in hd info and stream your favorite content be it movies or TV Shows? Now you can with Project Free TV Calendar.

Well, there are many popular streaming websites out there of the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

However, they all require some sort of subscription service to access their content. Which means you need to open up your wallet a bit.

This can be a real turn off especially when you all wanna do is enjoy your favourite episodes of a TV Show sloughing on your couch or bed for free.

There’s no shame in that! Everybody likes free Stuff or anything free of cost.

So, you like free movie streaming?

That is exactly where this site comes in.

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is a popular online streaming site that offers movie and TV Series that allows you to access their content and enjoy it for free without bending your wallet.

It is one of the most famous free streaming sites of the likes of my project free tv, FMovies, Putlocker, ShowBox, Popcorn Time, and whatnot. They are also alternative to project free tv.

Whatever you wanna enjoy or stream can be found on the site with the click of a button and movies of your choice.

Why do many love the site? Well there are a few reasons why.

Features of Project Free TV

Below are some of the main notable reasons why it is popular and loved by many users across the globe.

100% Free

This one is obvious as you already know that the site is free to use and access the content.

People flock to free streaming sites as they don’t wanna pay or spend on the paid streaming platforms.

It is quite understandable why millions visit these sites to stream their movies.

With the cost of living and expenses rising at an alarming rate, we can see why many don’t wanna part their ways with their hard-earned money for some late-night movies.

That is why sites like Putlocker, Fmovies, and many others receive millions of visits and are what they are today.

Huge Library

It has a large database and collection of movies for you to choose from and stream it.

This is the most impressive feature compared to all as you will legit find all your favorite movies and latest episodes of your TV Shows available to stream for free.

You a classic fan? Search any of the classic movies in the search bar at the top and you will find it within a matter of seconds.

HD Streaming

If you are afraid of your movie quality being comprised by being free.

Working Project Free TV Links

Below are a list of the working links.

Note: They are working at the time of writing this article. We do not make any guarantee that it will in the future.

Project Free TV Proxies and Mirrors

Project Free TV ag is the first on the list. It features a beautiful layout and color scheme.

By the way it sis mirror sites of the original domain which is already down since 24 July 2017.

It has the same logo design, the same content, and the same features. It is really an awesome site and you will find all the content you are looking for on the

Project free TV fun is the second on the list and has been quite making a name for itself.

It is another Project Free TV clone with all the features from the original website.

This one is not limited to just Hollywood movies but contents from all around the world including Asian countries such as South Korea, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, etc

You just need and internet connection to access the site.


Project Free TV Movies is the third on the list. The homepage features and lets you discover the latest released movies and tv series from all around the globe.

It also has English and other subtitles to help you understand more if you are watching tv of any foreign movie.

Ranging from indie flicks to the latest Bollywood and Hollywood content, you can quench all your movie thirst here.


Project Free TV Calendar is another mirror site where you can stream online full series free without any annoying advertisements.

Head over to the site, simply types in the name of the movie you are looking for in the search bar, click a play button, and enjoy. You can watch any movie you like.

Project free TV ch is a site, a clone site of the original domain. The site is well polished with design and features.

It also has great servers with working links to stream watch series for free and full episodes of all TV Shows.

Is Project Free TV Legal?

It doesn’t really host any of its content on its servers and depends on third-party content providers.

So, it lives in a legal grey area. So, technically yes but no.

It depends on many factors and the region from where you are accessing the site.

Is Project TV Safe?

Safe as in from virus and malware, the original site seems to be safe but I can’t speak the same for the mirror sites.

Legally safe? Not really due to copyright laws.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or promote piracy or any illegal streaming.

We are not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the action from the content of this site.

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