Solo Leveling Season 2 is an anime based Korean web novel which revolves around the story that all kind of creatures and monsters exists, written by Chin-Gong.

The Webnovel has been published in English series which goes by the title “Just I Level Up.”

This particular Anime series has been picking up popularity in the western countries along with its manga and web novels. It’s no surprise considering that the series provides it’s viewers with a world full of fantasy and action-packed that is quite immersive and feels extremely real.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date

It was unknown at first but considering the warm welcome when it first aired on March 4, 2018  and the success it has, it’s no brainer that there will be a second season.

However, No official confirmation regarding the show of being renewed is made public. There have been some rumor and discussion about the possible strategies for the production and release season 2, but so far there are no known updates.

Just to show that the fans really love the show is that there is a petition asking for another season of Solo Leveling which has crossed more than 131,000 signatures while the goal is set for just 150,000. 

Hopefully, the show creators will notice and resume on the second season. 

Even if the production is given a green light, the sequel season would probably be delayed until late 2021 as all projects are halted due to the ongoing global pandemic.

CAST: Solo Leveling Season 2

Fans have also been extremely curious about the cast for ” Solo Levelling Season 2″. However, it is assumed that the main cast from the previous season will all reprise their roles.

The cast includes Hwang Chi Yeul, Park Hee Jin, Jo Byung- Gyu, and Proceed Joon Hee who might all be returning for the second installment.

As the storyline progress, we might also see some new faces with the introduction of new characters. However, that has all been just speculation and nothing has been confirmed yet for the time being.

Solo Leveling 2: Plot

Sung Jin-Woo is a hunter in a world where there is a portal between the world of vicious creatures and monstrosities of all kinds to his.

Since he was the weakest of the rank E hunters, others use to call him “the weakest” but that slowly changes when Sung Jin-Woo survive in a dangerous dungeon and complete all trials. This way he begins his path to become the greatest hunters.

However, there is very little to none insight about the plot and storyline for the next season.

All we can do is hope that it release soon and we can see it on our screens.

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