The Empty Man: Are you bored of all the not-so-scary zombie movies with bigger-than-a-mountain plot holes and quick jump scares that don’t even make a single strand of hair on your body rise?

Well, you’re in luck because a new horror movie is on the horizon, and by the looks of it, it seems promising!

The Empty Man is an upcoming supernatural psychological scary movie scheduled to release this fall. It is based on the original comic book written by Cullen Bunn in which the story centered around a weird plague that mysteriously causes bouts of rage, murder, and suicides across the world. Sounds extremely creepy, doesn’t it? It has been rewritten for screenplays by David Prior. 

The Plot of the Movie

The film is going to be delivered by Boom Studios. Since the comic book for the script already exists, viewers can expect the movie to rely heavily on this base material. An ex-cop who is on a trail of a missing girl comes across a clandestine group trying to summon a supernatural horrifying entity to life. 

Production of the Film

It was declared in February 2016 that the film was going to be released in 2020, and it has been in production approximately for the last two years. The film is being directed by David Prior and is expected to be an extraordinary spine chiller. 

Information About the Release Date

The Empty Man Movie

The film was expected to release on 7 August this year. But, due to the pandemic and other production delays, the release of the film has been pushed to December 2020.


The cast includes James Badge Dale, Samantha Logan, Stephen Root, Joel Courtney, Marin Ireland, Aaron Poole, Adam Ferguson, Owen Teague along with Evan Jonigkeit and Tanya van Graan.

So are you ready to feel a chill go down your spine as you fill your mouth with popcorn? The director is adept and the story seems spooky. We’re really pumped up for the release of this film. Until then, stay tuned.

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