The Goldbergs Season 8: The Goldbergs is a situational American comedy series firstly aired on ABC in the year 2013 and was created by Adam F. Goldberg whose family and childhood experiences are a base for the series.

The series had a huge fanbase which leads it to renew for its seven seasons and now again is going to be renewed for its season 8. Let’s find out more about it below.

The Goldbergs Season 8

ABC made a declaration on May 21, 2020, for the renewal of the series for its Season 8th. The season seven of the show had been called off as incomplete on 23rd May due to the prevailing outbreak of Coronavirus.

The seventh season was likely to hold 24 episodes but later on ended with 23 episodes as the shooting for the 24th episodes couldn’t take place because of the pandemic. But it had made the fans delighted by the news of its season 8.

The Goldbergs Season 8

The Goldbergs Season 8 – What Will Be The Release Date?

Season 8 of this great series had not yet announced by the producers, Still, we predict to see this later in 2020 or maybe pushed to 2021.

The production of the eighth season was likely to begin in the month of August as stated by Doug Robinson who is the executive producer of this show. He further said that the production will go on with all the safety protocols which they had to follow.

The season 8 will have total 24 episodes in which the one will be of season 7 whose production had been halted, But it will not be the first episode of season 8, The Goldberg will again carry on with its conventional act of paying tribute to a film and this time the film will be 1980’s film Airplane.

The Goldberg Season 8- Expected Plot

Most probably in season 8th, we would be seeing Adam’s perspective of telling the Goldbergs childhood who will be seen as a teen. Further, he would also be shown spending sweet time with his girlfriend Brea. We also hope to see Murray as more social and Beverly to be more overprotective towards her kids.+

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