The Last Duel: It is a period drama thriller film which is an adaptation of Eric Jager’s novel The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial by Combat in Medieval France.

It is directed by Ridley Scott. Ben Affleck, Nicole Holofcener, and Matt Damon were the scriptwriter for the film.

The Last Duel: Release Date

The film studio, 20th Century Studios had announced the release of the drama thriller film on the date of October 15, 2021, but we do not know whether it’s the official release date or not as the producers and the filmmakers hadn’t announced any update regarding the film release right from the ongoing pandemic, so it is very hard for guessing the right release date and we hope that the date given by the film studio will be the official one and it doesn’t get delayed.

The Last Duel

However, the filmmakers were eager to release this film much early as possible so we could also expect it sooner than the date given. The filming and production were predicted to be completed fully but yet no updates have been given.

The Last Duel: Cast

  • Matt Damon in the role of  Jean de Carrouges
  • Adam Driver acting as  Jacques Le Gris
  • Jodie Comer in the role of Marguerite de Carrouges
  • Ben Affleck in the role of King Charles VI
  • Harriet Walter acting as Nicole de Buchard
  • Nathaniel Parker in the role of Sir Robert D’Thibouville
  • Sam Hazeldine in the role of Thomin du Bois
  • Michael McElhatton acting as Bernard Latour

The Last Duel: Plot

The storyline was set in the fourteenth century where two best friends from the army of King of France Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris had an immense fight when Carrouges hold Gris responsible for the rape of his wife.

Later on, the king of France was summoned to take a justified decision who later on leaves it on fate and urge the partners to compete until one of them dies.

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