But there are still a few things standing in the way of This Is Us season 5 premiere, namely production delays due to the coronavirus epidemic. It is revealed that it is this producer, Dan Fogelman, who has decided to embrace this reality in more ways than one.

The producers of the series revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic will play a role in this story from season 5 of This Is Us.

On August 16, during a Deadline Contenders broadcast, Fogelman was asked by a fan of the series, “Will the authors address COVID at this time?” Fogelman responded on Twitter in the live broadcast: “Yes to COVID,” he wrote. While it is not clear how the pandemic will spread in this season 5, it seems that it will be a relevant part.

Aside from a plot related to the pandemic in the new season, the truth is that season 5 is still being influenced by the real world of COVID-19. Read on to find out if this season 5 has a release date, spoiler, and news, all of which are definitely subject to production delays.

Is this a confirmation of season 5 for This Is Us?

This is confirmed this season 5, of course. On June 16, 2020, NBC Entertainment announced the drop from the 2020 lineup. It was also confirmed that this season 5 will return to its regular schedule: Tuesday nights at 9 pm. ET.

This is Us Season 5

When is the season 5 release date for This Is Us?

NBC confirmed in August that This Is Us will return on Tuesday, November 10, with a two-hour premiere. The show airs at 9 pm.

Before the lineup for NBC’s downfall is confirmed, this is for season 5, and series creator Dan Fogelman said he wasn’t “sure” when the new episodes would air properly. Fogelman also revealed in a tweet after Deadline Contenders that production had not yet started on season 5.

In May 2020, actor John Huertas, who plays the role of Miguel on This Is Us, indicated that the series was preparing to “begin filming this fall.” He captioned an Instagram post at the time with the following: “Our writers are already working and the only reason we will delay until January is if # covid19were’s bad wave 2 takes a heavy hit. Don’t worry, #isisisus is furious to leave! “I don’t think there is any official word,” he told Hoda Kotab TODAY. “We will go back to work as usual, historically this week. Like, right after July 4th, when we usually go back.

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