Tokyo Tarareba Girls: Tokyo Tarareba Girls is a Japanese manga series which is written and illustrated by Akiko Higashimura.

It is serialized in Kodansha’s Kiss magazine from March 2014 to April 2017 and later collected in nine bound volumes. It is licensed for an English-language release by Kodansha, USA.

This manga won the Eisner Award for “Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia” in 2019.

Release date :

Tokyo Tarareba Girls

The official premiere was released by the official website on Wednesday and the special date for the premiere is 7th October 2020. Do have a look at the trailer guys. We’re all really excited about this special and the date is not so far now.

Cast :

The fresh cast members are :

  • Rinko played by Yuriko Yoshitaka
  • Kaori played by Nana Eikura and Koyuki played by Yuko Oshima.
  • Riichi Asakura (Rinko’s boyfriend) is played by Kōhei Matsushita
  • Yū Hirasawa(Kaori’s husband) is played by Daichi Watanabe.
  • Also, additional cast members were revealed by Akiko Higashimura’s Tokyo Tarareba Girls manga. These additional cast members, who are all repeating their roles from the earlier live-action series, include:
  • * Kentaro Sakaguchi playing Key.
  • * Ryohei Suzuki playing Tetsuro Hayasaka
  • * Kei Tanaka playing Narao Marui
  • * Yuta Hiraoka playing Ryo Samejima
  • * Taara played by Ryo Kato
  • * Ayaka Nishiwaki will be seen as Reba.

The live-action series theme song “Tokyo Girl” by Perfume will also be featured in the special. In this Yuma Suzuki is back as director, and Yuko Matsuda will be the scriptwriter.

Storyline :

The story revolves around Rinko, 33 years old screenwriter, still unmarried who lives in Tokyo. Rinko is seen out often drinking with her high school best friends Kaori and Koyuki.

She has been insatiable by both work and love. One day, just like every time, these three women are complaining about the men they have dated while dining and drinking at Izakaya when, Key, this cryptic blonde-haired young and attractive man shows up.

He then tries to convince them that it is their “If I had done” or “If I had been” attitude behind them still being unmarried. This triggers Rinko and she made up her mind that whatsoever happens, she’d get married by 2020, which is the year of Tokyo Olympic Games.

Stay updated with us for further updates and spoilers.

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