In businesses, it is always believed that communication is the key.

This is why you will find businesses prioritizing the communication levels of the employees and the customers. Today’s businesses look for all the possible platforms to communicate with their audiences and make them comfortable while communicating.

Amidst all the communicative channels, text messaging stands at the bottom of the priority list. Despite being at a lower level of the chain, it has been seen that text messages have brought greater ROI compared to other communicative channels.

In this article, we will discuss how using mobile messaging can be advantageous for businesses.

Benefits Of Using Mobile Messaging For Business Communication

Benefits of Mobile Messaging For Business Communication

Mobile messaging has overtaken the use of mobile calling. According to the mobile squared, 90% of all the sent messages have an open time of fewer than three minutes.

That is quite fast.

This kind of fast response is like business marketing material. Over the years, mobile messaging has grown quite a lot as a marketing tool.

So, let dive deep into how mobile messaging is beneficial for business communications.

Instant Communication

Mobile messaging is the quickest of communication with others.

In fact, most people find mobile messaging the best way to express themselves. More than 90% of the messages have a read time of three minutes or less. This shows that your messages are read almost immediately.


The best part of mobile messages is they allow convenience to seep into your daily schedule. Most people do not have time to pick calls or instantly respond to them.

However, leaving a message ensures that they get your message.

Direct Communication

Mobile messaging is more of a personal space than a public space. So, if businesses are using mobile messaging, they are entering the personal domain of the user.

This allows the business to communicate on an emotional level. In addition to that, businesses get to communicate with the users, which is quite reassuring.

Text Can Be Automated

Messages can be automated, which gives an edge over calling. Today, robotic or automated phone calls are becoming our laws as they are categorized as spam calls. But with mobile messaging, you are free to send any message. In fact, you can automate the messages personalized for selected users.

Respond Rate Are High

Compared to the other mode of communication, there is no competition when it comes down to response time. As we have already said, mobile messaging has three minutes response time, while others might take from a couple of hours to days, depending on the mode of communications.

High Opening Rate

While you are doing email marketing or making phone calls to promote your business, most of your calls are added to their spam list, and the majority of the emails are never opened.

But that is not the case with mobile messaging. With mobile messaging, businesses venture into the users’ personal domain, and users respond to it accordingly.

Texting Create A Message Trail

Most businesses might not spare a thought on the message trail while communicating with the users, while some do. Message trails help the business understand what contrast you were engaging with your audience and what message might be the best to send next.

Without contrast, your message might sound monotonous and hold no meaning.

Wrapping It Up

The pandemic has forced people to spend most of the time alone. This has given the marketer a golden opportunity to become a texting buddy and engage more with their audiences. The more you communicate with your audience, the more leads you will generate.

And what better option can be other than text messaging. Your business might have a different model, and mobile messaging might affect it differently. Hence, don’t wait. Just go for it.

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