Tumblr is American weblogging and social networking site founded 14 years ago, by Jeff D’Onofrio. At present parent company of Tumblr is Automattic from 2019 and before that version media, oath, and yahoo inc. were also listed in the parent company.

The main reason to develop Tumblr was that the users can broadcast a short blog or tumblelog posts. The major contraster of Tumblr is that it allows various users to alter their blog or post according to their personal preferences and the free-form nature of site.

Tumblr let the user to post various form of blog as Tumblr is a re-envisioning of tumblelogging, a subset of blogging that uses quick mixed-media posts. As we all know that blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that are self-published online.

Tumblr – http://www.tumblr.com


Tumblr being most popular among teens and college students as it is held by the majority of people because of its features. Tumblr’s visitors’ base being youthful as it let their users to post any kind of multimedia, short blogs as it is a microblogging platform and social networking site.

Here are some key features of Tumblr:-

  • Dashboard A dashboard is a vital tool for daily Tumblr users. As it is a live feed of recent posts from the blogs they follow. Thus users can comment, like and reblog the post from the blog that comes into sight on their dashboard. Not only this dashboard lets the users to upload any text, quotes, images, videos, or even a link. Tumblr lets the user to share the same post on other social media accounts they would like to share (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
  • Tags – Tumblr allows their public to find posts about certain likable topics by giving the option of tags.
  • Queue – Tumblr let the user spread their posts over several hours or even days.
  • HTML editing – HTML editing is there if a person wants to edit their blog’s theme.

In the year 2015, Tumblr introduces an instant messaging function that allows participants to chat with each other, as this feature of Tumblr was unveiled in a “viral” manner. Thus this Tumblr feature of messaging was superseding the fan mail system, which was abhorred. Whereas in 2019, Tumblr added a new feature to its messaging which was group chats. Apart from they also added a feature to disappear the post after 24 hours.


Tumblr main idea was to provide their user original content so that loop cannot start taking place. In 2012, Tumblr launched a storyboard, operated by an editorial team that compromises videos and stories. In 2018, they start rolling out original video content from video network go90.


2010 was the year when they rolled their application in phone, blackberry was the phone where it all started via Mobeluxapk in blackberry world in 2010. In the year 2013, it is also available on various android phones, ios, and Windows phones.


As we know that it is one of the finest apps to post multimedia and various form of content in microblogs. There was a time when the platform decided to pull out the safe mode button that let the users to either enable or disable this option. Most of the user has seen “this Tumblr may contain sensitive media” whenever they are scrolling feeds.

 If this is something that turns up, it implies the content has been flagged as inappropriate by the community. However, there is a hack to view such content, but you should be above 18 to view such content unless you won’t be able to access such content.

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Recently, Tumblr has voided a lot of sense and unsuitable material from the site. After the cleanup, the safe mode button went away, leaving all users in long-term safe mode. Blog writers were restricted from accessing their blog results of sensitive web content. However, you can have ingress sensitive content on various devices whichever you use either android devices, ios devices, or even computers

Step by step guides are explained below:-


  • First, turn on your net connection.
  • Choose the browser of your choice.
  • Visit the Tumblr website.
  • Log in your details ( username and password)
  • While scrolling when you stuck non any post which considers to be unsafe or inappropriate,
  • Visit your dashboard and then,
  • That blog will be on your right side of the screen.
  • Tap on the “view this Tumblr” button.

Then you can easily see that content or post which pops up by saying “this Tumblr may contain sensitive media” on your devices. Do remember you can only view such content if you are above 18.


In case of a person or user have no account on Tumblr what he/she can do is make use of third-party apps to surf “this Tumblr may contain sensitive media” without being impeded by safe mode.

Following are the step to view such content-

  • First, turn on your net connection.
  • Introduce your favored web browser.
  • Visit – http://tumbex.com
  • Select the post by entering the name of the post you would like to visit in the search box.
  • Apk will inform you about that they exist or not.
  • Tap on the save search toggle button.
  • Click on the filter and choose what would you like to see and then press hit.

And if you are looking for a blog site, try the lower search bar given on the dashboard of your screen.

  • Visit homepage.
  • Go to the blog name would you like to see into the search box.
  • Click go switch.
  • If it exists the tumbex will present.


 Truly speaking, Tumblr app is one of the greatest and finest apps so far as it let you post any of your content you would like to share. Tumblr is just like other social media apps where you can post your daily life activity in form of blogs.

Overall there are various loops you can find to view sensitive content or content which is restricted by Tumblr, which you can bypass by using a third-party app that is fully secure and safe to use.

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