UC Browser APK Download – Today we are in a world where the Internet is the backbone for all our routine activities. Hence the importance of the web browser also increased. The selection of a right web browser can help you a lot in making your online activities easier.

UC Browser download web, a Chinese company has developed one of the best web browsers for the users – UC Browser.

Providing support for smartphones that works at different platforms along with personal computers, it is now considered in the list of top web browsers.

It is the best built-in features available in the UC Browser APK that helped it reach this position. The innovative ideas that the UC Web has integrated into this browser make the users select it as their first choice for all their devices

The UC Browser developers have done all the efforts to make the browsing experience a better one for the users.

These efforts have proved to become very much beneficial to the end users. People are no longer considering the UC Browser app as a simple browser. They would like to use it as a multipurpose application in their devices.

The UC Browser download speed is also something that requires a special mentioning. The UC Browser application is not limited to the high-end devices.

Users with devices having lesser resources can try the UC mini app. It is the light version of the UC Browser app that requires less space and memory than the actual app.

However, we recommend you try the UC Browser APK rather than the UC Browser mini.

UC Browser APK File Summary

App NameUC Browser
Latest Versionv13.6
DeveloperUCWeb Inc.
File Size51 MB

Features of UC Browser APK

The popularity of UC Browser as the best internet browsing option for smartphones and personal computers is a result of the best features available in it.

UC Browser app can be considered as an all in one web browser that eliminates the requirement of a lot of other applications in your devices.

Let us have a detailed look on the various features of this good quality browser application.

Facebook Mode

Being the most widely used social networking site, Facebook is considered as an integral part of all your smartphones and PCs. But some users find it difficult to accommodate such a heavy application in their smartphones.

The UC application of Facebook Mode provides the best solution for them. Using this option, you can enjoy almost all the features of the Facebook application and that too without installing the application for it.

Text-Only Mode

The UC Browser application allows its users to enable a Text Only mode in this application. Opting this feature can help them in saving a lot of mobile data.

This feature will disable all the images on a web page that you will open and displays only the texts available there. You will be able to work in this mode only when connected through the Mobile data.

Connecting back to a Wi-Fi network will automatically disable this feature.


Internet browsing has become a tough task nowadays because of the annoying ads that got injected into most of the web pages.

The AdBlock feature of the latest UC Browser for Android and PCs can be a permanent solution for this. Enabling the AdBlock will help you do your browsing without getting disturbed by any ads.

Thus, the new UC Browser helps users enjoy browsing in a perfect way.

Built-in Video Player

This is yet another innovative feature of the UC Browser application that can be of great help for the users. This feature provides users with the option to watch online videos without the requirement of any third-party applications.

Being the inbuilt video player in the browser itself, the sync between the browser and player can help you enjoy the videos in a better way.

Quick Access

The UC Browser Android App allows the users to make use of the quick access feature.

Once you enable this feature, you will be provided with continuous quick access to the UC Browser search bar. So, the users can avoid going through all the installed apps to search for the UC Browser and open a web page.

Along with the search bar, the quick access feature provides direct access to your Facebook account also.

Night Mode

The night mode available in the UC Browser Android latest version is helpful for users who spend long times with mobile phones at night.

This feature helps you protect your eyes from the extreme brightness of the mobile screen that is experienced during the night time in the absence of any other light.

It can even work as a power-saving mode for your smartphones.

Download Manager

The Android UC Browser is also famous for the inclusion of an amazing download manager that serves as a multipurpose feature. It provides the users with almost all the features that are normally used in a web browser on their PCs.

The feature of the UC downloads to prompt the download location for each file is very helpful to save the files to any required folders. Users can even set it to go to a particular folder by default.

If a download fails before completion in the UC Browser, people can set it to reconnect automatically. Another noticeable feature that the UC Browser Android will provide is the details of the available space in the smartphones.

This can help the users to take a decision on whether to download a file or skip it due to storage space issues.

In-App Widgets

The home page of the UC Browser for PC and smartphones includes some of the most popular widgets. The default widgets can be customized as per the user requirement.

Users also have the option to enable only those widgets that they required. This is a very good feature of the UC application that can be time-saving for the people who uses it.

UC Browser Download for Android New Version

Downloading and installation of the UC Browser Android APK is a very simple process.

This app is available for free download from Google Play Store. You can go to the Play Store from your Android device. Simply search for the UC App on the search bar.

Download and install this application to your device and enjoy the best web browser for your Android devices.

The developers of this application do continuous effort to increase the quality of the app. These efforts are delivered to the customers in the form of application updates.

So always try to keep your UC Browser Android app up-to-date to enjoy the latest features.

You can also download the UC Browser APK file directly from the download links at the bottom of the page.

UC Browser APK Download for iOS

The process to download UC Browser iOS is very much similar to the Android devices. The only difference is that the iPhone users can find this app in the iTunes Store in place of the Google Play Store.

The latest UC Browser for iOS is available as a free version in the iTunes Store. Users who like to download it can log into iTunes Store with their Apple id and password.

They can then easily download and install the UC Browser APK iOS from there.

UC Browser Free Download for PC

The satisfied users of the UC web browser on their Android and Apple devices started using this app in their personal computers also. This resulted in a very sudden increase in the number of UC Browser PC download.

UC web has developed a dedicated version of this app for personal computers. So, it does not require the support of any third-party Android emulators to get the UC Browser for PC.

So, here are the steps to get free UC Browser APK for PC.

Open any web browser on your computers and search for the “Free download UC Browser for PC”.

From the search result, select only the official website of the UC web. This website can provide you with options to download the UC Browser APK for all your devices.

Now select the UC Browser PC App and download it to your PC. The UC Browser PC install can be then started by double-clicking on the downloaded file.

Successful completion of this installation process will help you to use the most useful web browser in your PCs.

Conclusion: –

If you are tired and fed up with the other web browsers in search of the best features, the UC Browser is there for you. The UC Browser update released by the developers on a regular basis provides the users with all the latest features.

This will help you stay updated with the latest technologies in the market. The UC Browser new version available now for download on Android devices is UC Browser APK.

This browser includes a lot of user-friendly features like night mode, AdBlock, built-in video player, etc. So, the UC Browser can fit in your devices as a multipurpose app. For users who have less storage space in their devices can try the-the UC mini also.


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