Social media is an entirely different world. Once you enter and spend some time on social media, it is challenging to step back. Undoubtedly, videos are the king of this online world and a phenomenal tool for businesses that help them make the most out of the social media arena. The vast majority of digital marketers consider videos a crucial tool in their social media strategy. With a captivating script and full-fledged online video editor, you can create videos that can boost your brand image and revenue in a short period. Wait no more and read this blog to explore five ways to create engaging video content for social media.

Special Attention to Title and Description

Title and Descriptions are the top two highly discussed elements of conversion-centred video marketing strategy. 

The title is the most crucial factor a viewer considers while deciding whether to watch a video. Several digital marketers agree that a video title can make or break a video. Video titles have a direct impact on the views count and SEO. SEO experts suggest involving keywords in the title and keeping them short. 

Descriptions give your audience insights into the video and help them gain a deeper understanding of the video. To keep the description up to the mark, pay special attention to the first 200 characters, try involving keywords in descriptions naturally, and use interrogative sentences at the beginning. 

Pro Tip: Your video thumbnail must complement the title of the video. Try to avoid click-baiting to gain the trust of viewers. 

Thumbnails are a crucial selection.

The attention span of a user is as low as one blink of an eye. That means you only have a few seconds to catch eyeballs, and thumbnails are the tools to catch viewers’ attention. These tiny pictures can do miracles to generate higher revenue and boost your social media engagement to a great extent. Thumbnails are small yet descriptive. It provides you with an opportunity to add a distinctive factor to your videos that, in the long run, helps you manifest your brand identity. The thumbnail plays an indispensable role in winning more footfalls on the website and engagement on social media platforms for every social media platform and strategy. The automatically selected images might not manifest the magic, but a planned and edited thumbnail using an online video editor has its charm that can win eyeballs for your video. 

While creating a thumbnail, an editor must focus on the following points:

  1. Maintain consistency using the brand elements, such as brand logo, colour, and fonts.
  2. Try to communicate the emotions through your thumbnail.
  3. Keep your thumbnail simple, clean, and classy. Do not add extra elements and create confusion.
  4. Do not try to develop a fuss using fake claims and false promises. 

The video type must match your niche.

Social media is about diversity. Whether in the audience demographics or social media video type, diversity is everywhere. Four genres win attention and engagement. These are:

  1. Explainer videos: As the name suggests, these videos simply explain the crucial features and facts about the products. Explainer videos allow businesses to identify the customer’s pain points and creative solutions to win their trust. 
  2. Tutorial Videos: The creative minds of brilliant entrepreneurs may create complex products, and such products and services might create confusion amongst customers. The tutorial videos help customers understand the product and its benefits. Social media is the ultimate place for businesses to post such videos and boost follower count and engagement rate.
  3. Behind the scene: The most important pillar of social media is entertainment, and behind the scene, videos are an entire lot of amusement and fun. It gives the audience a glimpse of the never-uncovered side of your brand.
  4. Question and Answer video: Q&A videos with fans and followers gives you a chance to analyse the customers’ mentality about your brand. Moreover, it provides valuable user-generated content.

Choosing a video type that suits your brand personality and keeps the users engaged is the most crucial step. Several online video editors provide you with pre-designed templates to help you create seamless videos easily.

Never avoid Storyboarding and Editing:

Video makers often ignore the benefits of storyboards. But, a well-designed storyboard provides the filmmaker with an exact idea of how a scene will look through a camera lens. Storyboards draw a road map for the production team to work in the same direction to get a flawless video. 

The final phase of the video making journey, editing, is the most crucial and skilled step. However, with a great online video editor, you can edit your videos as a beginner and will still get a captivating video. Video editing should be done with extreme care and should never be ignored to ace the social media strategy. Editing can help you add magic to the video and trim the unnecessary part, giving your video the right length and eye-pleasing finish. 

Video elements contribute to greater engagement.  

A video consists of several elements that play a crucial role in a video’s success in the long run. Some such elements are:

  1. Strategy: To accelerate the social media traffic, shooting without aiming may not deliver you with utmost satisfaction. But, a well-planned and executed strategy is the arrow that never goes to the wrong spot. Strategic planning is highly suggested and has proven benefits for the brands. 
  2. Duration: Video length/duration varies from platform to platform. Before spending long hours sitting and editing videos using online video editors, you must know the ideal video length for your targeted social platform. 
  3. Call to action: Every video has some purpose, and a call to action is the means to communicate it to viewers. The call to action guides viewers to take the next step after watching a video. 

The concluding thoughts:

Video content is highly appreciable and loved by social media audiences. Nowadays, almost every social media strategy involves videos to establish higher recall value and boost brand image. Every social media platform provides the option to post videos on your brand’s social media handle, and you must capitalise on this option by boosting the engagement rate. 

If you have not included videos in your bucket of social media marketing tools, we suggest you not shy away from videos because of increasing competition. Instead, look at the potential videos have for your business and jump right into the deep river of creativity and competitive edge using videos. 

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