Watchmen Season 2 revolved around the story where parallel world exist and many historical happenings in one world didn’t happen and if happened, it did happened differently.

In Season 1 finale, Angela Abar (Regina King) ate an egg that may or may not have contain Doctor Manhattan’s powers. Just after that the screen cut to black before we could really see if she become a god or not.

It’s a massive cliffhanger and a brilliant ending, but also a super tantalizing setup for another story.

The show débuted on October 20, 2019, with a total of 9 episodes in Season 1 of Watchmen airing on a weekly basis till the month of December. The series has gained massive popularity and left the fans craving for more.

Watchmen Season 2

Watchmen Season 2: Release Date

It seems that we have to wait for a while with the whole covid pandemic going on around the world.

As of right now, there was no reports or announcement from the actors nor the production regarding the renewal of this series for another season.

According to some sources, the Watchmen series was the baby undertaking of Lindelof, and he had worked very difficult to get it moving even in the first season. However with the abrupt exit of Lindelof remains a puzzle as whether the series will be back or not without his support.

Because of this, HBO has confirmed that unless Damon comes back for the show, that they have no interest in continuing with any future seasons which is quite a bummer.

Please comeback Lindelof, we need you.

Watchman Season 2: Cast

If the show indeed gets renewed for another season, the main characters are Judd Crawford and police officers Angela Abar, who has been played by Regina King and Don Johnson.

  • Regina King as Angela Abraham
  • Tim Blake Nilson as appearing Glass
  • Jeremy Irons as Ozymandias
  • Tom Mison as game Warden
  • Sara Vickers as Ms. Crookshanks
  • Yahya Abdul Mateen II as Dr. Long island
  • Jean smart as Agent Blake
  • Don Johnson as chief Judd Crawford
  • Andrew Howard as Scare

Watchmen Season 2: Plot

The synopsis for the show is revolved around in an alternate history where the masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws and the Watchmen adopts the nostalgia of the first revolutionary graphic novel of the same name, while trying to break new ground of its own.’

Even if there haven’t been any particular report regarding the way Season 2 might go or the basic plot line, we can assume that Season 2 might be a direct continuation of Season 1 where it left off.

The show has garnered much attention in the hearts of the viewers all around the globe with a very high rating of 95% liked on Rotten Tomatoes and 85% on Metacritic.

We will update you with all updates and info regarding the Watchmen Season 2 right here. So, make sure to bookmark this page and come visit again for more update in the future.

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