Buying luxury watches does not begin and end with choosing the best model and brand. Aside from picking the features that will best suit your lifestyle, you should also consider other factors. Some of these factors include the price range, availability of stocks, and the appreciation of value. However, one of the most important questions to ask is “where?”

If you are new to the industry, there is a high chance that you will immediately settle for the physical store to purchase a luxury watch. However, there are also other avenues to consider that will not only give wider selections but also better offers. In this article, we will discuss the different avenues and locations that you can purchase a luxury watch.

Where to buy luxury watches?

It is common for new and seasoned collectors to explore other ways to purchase a luxury watch. Most often, these avenues can give you more benefits compared to the others. Let’s take a look at the different places and methods of buying a luxury watch.

Online watch stores

One of the most convenient ways to purchase a luxury watch is through an online watch store. It is pretty much the same as other e-commerce websites where you can review and choose the best products online. One of the best things about online watch stores is that they handle a bigger and wider selection of brands and models of luxury watches. It’s not just the common names in the industry. For example, you can check out Oris watches from an online store. It is one of the pioneers in the watchmaking industry that is well known for producing noteworthy timepieces. Their collection consists of luxury sports watches that are equipped with chronographs and other features such as date windows and annual calendars. Additionally, you can have this timepiece delivered right to your doorstep.

Brand’s boutique

The most classic and trusted way of purchasing a luxury watch is through the brand’s boutique. While there are a lot of new ways to buy a luxury timepiece, some people still prefer to buy directly from the shop. One of the best things about it is that you can see and try on different watches before buying them. There are also skilled personnel where you can ask for more information about the timepiece. The only downside of buying from a brand’s boutique is that you have a limited number of choices because they don’t handle models from other brands.

Jewelry shops

If you are looking for a combination of the brand’s boutique and online watch store, you can check out some of the jewelry shops near you. These shops have physical stores where you can walk in and try on the timepieces. Additionally, they also handle a variety of models from different brands.

Avid collectors

Another way of purchasing a luxury watch is through avid collectors. These collectors often resell their timepieces at either higher or lower value depending on the market. Some of the luxury watch owners do this for a living as well. One of the best things about buying from avid collectors is the uniqueness of models. Some luxury watch owners tend to purchase limited-edition models that are no longer in the market. If you want to find something rare, you should check some collectors’ items.


If you want to buy a rare luxury watch, the best way to purchase it is through jewelry auctions. From time to time, some organizations are conducting auctions and bidding for timeless and unique jewelry including luxury timepieces. However, you need to prepare your pocket for these conventions because they are widely expensive. Since most of the timepieces are antique and rare, there is a high chance that you are going to pay almost double, if not triple, the actual price. However, luxury watches at auctions are prized possessions because most of them are more than a decade old.

Things to consider when buying

Before deciding on whether you are buying online, a physical store, or an auction, it is recommended to know the things you should consider when buying from these avenues. Here are some of the factors that you need to check out.

Warranty coverage

Since luxury watches are complicated mechanisms, it’s best to have warranty coverage for your purchases. For brand boutiques, it usually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty where you can bring them in for servicing and repair at any time within the coverage period. Third-party sellers such as jewelry stores and online shops, on the other hand, sometimes offer an extended store warranty where they cover you after the manufacturer’s warranty. 

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Availability of stocks

Another factor that you should consider is the availability of stocks. As much as possible, you want to choose the avenue that will give you more choices and selections of products. If you are a new watch collector, or this is your first time buying a luxury watch, it’s best if you will explore a little bit with the brands and models.

Authenticity of products

Probably the most important aspect that you need to consider is the authenticity of the product. Sadly, there are a lot of scammers everywhere. So, if you are going to buy from an avid collector, it’s best to inspect the authenticity of your timepiece. This, however, will not be a problem if you are going to buy from the first three avenues mentioned above. These stores will do authenticity checking before they sell their products.

Convenience of buying

While going on an adventure is priceless when it comes to finding the best luxury watch, it should not take too much of your time. As much as possible, choose the avenue that is more convenient for you. Unless, of course, you are already an avid collector that is willing to travel miles to an auction for a limited-edition timepiece.

Feedback of consumers

You should also consider what other consumers are saying about the store. It’s best to read reviews to see what other people experienced from buying on this particular shop or avenue.

Key takeaway

Choosing the perfect timepiece is a tedious process. Lessen the burden by choosing the perfect avenue to purchase your luxury watch. Start searching for the best offers at Visit their website today!

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