YouTubers Life APK – Ever dreamt of becoming a YouTuber?

Don’t get your hopes high just yet, because most of the famous YouTubers put in a tremendous effort to become Internet stars as you see today.

Have you ever considered that a YouTuber is a happy job? Just sitting in a place to earn money?

Are you delighted as you imagine?

Many in vain belief that the everyday life of a video blogger is a short video shooting, minimal editing and uploading to the network.

Well, turns out everything is not so simple as you imagine.

Hopefully, through this simulation game, you will have a better understanding of the job of YouTubers. 

This game is quite similar to The Sims as you’ll build your youtube empire from scratch.

You will know how it feels to be a star.

What is YouTubers Life?

YouTubers Life is a simulated game that simulates the lives and work of YouTubers in the most real way.

Become the most successful YouTuber on the planet by editing videos, expanding the number of fans and turning yourself into a star.

Basic Storyline:

An ordinary internet user (*You) will try to become a become famous YouTuber and gain the maximum number of subscribers on your channel and, of course, get rich too.

Manage your time to take care of your daily obligations and upload weekly videos to the channel. At first, it will be difficult to get followers but the more videos you upload, the more they will increase over time!

YouTubers Life APK File Info:

NameYouTubers Life
PublisherU-Play Online
Latest Versionv1.5.3
File Size450 MB

YouTubers Life Features:

Create your own character

 you can customize it as you wish. Choose for your character both in shape, hair, skin, even personality.  There are thousands of hilarious combinations to work with.

Create your own videos and Make Money

Shoot, edit and upload your videos. You can even purchase your favorite titles online and start recording your gameplay sessions too.

The more subscribers you get, the more popular your channel will get which will lead to more views, along with more money.

Have Fun

Working hard is a must but take some time off to go to the cinema, attend presentations of new games, chill out in the club or party in a luxurious yacht and meet new friends.

Become a Celebrity

With more subscribers and views, you will become more popular. As you increase your particular network, more VIP’s will be interested in meeting you in person and fans will battle for your autograph.

Care for your character

Now that you have some money saved, move to a bigger house or buy better necessary equipment like computers, cameras, camcorders to improve your videos.

Also, take care of the diet, sleep, study, and work in moderation like a real person.

3D Graphics

If you are in check of visual and audio quality, it is high authenticity by the highest quality 3D design. The movements of characters and objects around them are handled exquisitely, so it is very smooth, giving a natural feel.

Checklist before the Game:

After customizing your character, you need to choose your channel niche and direction. What topic will your videos be on? It can be sports, travel, cooking, computer games and much more.

Also, be careful and manage your money properly and not make any unnecessary purchases because every coin saved will bring you closer to your goal: To become a millionaire!

Once you’re ready, the real adventure begins!

You can either choose the MOD version (Unlimited Money/Score) version or the original APK.

MOD Features – 

  • You can spend money as you want, your money does not decrease, it always increases.
  • You can spend your talent score as you wish; your ability score is not reduced; it always increases.


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