YesMovies ggYesMovies Com regardless of the doman name, it is a site to visit if you are looking for a way to watch free movies online.

These days most of the movie streaming sites are based on subscription plans and monthly fees. However that doesn’t mean, there aren’t free movies site out there.

Some YesMovies alternatives to name a few – 123Movies, Putlocker, ShowBox, FMovies, etc

Recommended: KissAnime in case you are looking for the best way to watch your favorite anime online. 

If you are a movie fanatics, I am probably sure you have already known these before. But anyway, let’s talk about YesMovies and it’s working URLs.

What is YesMovies?

YesMovies is a high-quality free movie streaming and TV series site that allows you to watch it for free online.

There’s no shortage of amazing content on it. You can find almost any movie on this website.

The site has gained user’s popularity within a short amount of time. It allows you to stream the latest movies and TV shows including indie flicks and B-movie without paying a single cent.

YesMovies Features:

Rather than listing all the features of the site, here are some of the main notable features which make it stand out from its competitors.


yesmovies gg

YesMovies is totally free to use. I mean that is why it was successful in the first place.

Not many feel like paying for it or they just couldn’t afford it. Whatever the reason may be for you, YesMovies can come handy.

There is no surprise fee or a one time fee to access the site. None of those are in the equation.

Besides being free, it has a vast library of content for you to watch movies online free.


yesmovies com

The homepage of YesMovies features all the latest TV Series and movies and a section with Home, Genres, and tags at the top.

It also has a search bar at the header for a manual searching of any content you wanna stream. The site loads faster than most of it’s competitors and it’s super clean.

There aren’t any sidebar or annoying in-page ads on the site.


hd quality

YesMovies doesn’t sacrifice its movie quality for the name of Free. The quality of movies is good, you can watch full movies in the quality from TS to HD and HQ.

You also have the option to choose from- 360p, 720p, 1080p. This will help you if you wanna save your data.

Downloading Movies

yesmovies com

You can stream online and is perfect for spending the night binge-watching the latest season of Game of Thrones on the sofa.

But how do you tune in when you’re in an area where there is a low speed of internet connection or no signal at all. Well, the obvious answer is to pre-download all the shows and movies you’ll need for the trip for offline viewing.

YesMovies does allow you to download on your devices – Android, iOS, and PC for later use.

No Registration

Yesmovies is

There is no need for a sign-up or login with a username and a password to watch the movies on the site.

Search for the movie you wanna watch, simply click on the play button and wait for your stream to start. It’s that simple.



It can be a hassle sometimes to search for a particular type of movie from its vast library that you are looking for.

That is where filtering and sorting come in and make it easy for you.

YesMovies allows sorting by –

  • Genre/Category.
  • Year of Release.
  • Popularity.
  • Quality of the movie.
  • Ratings.

Genres usually consist of – Action, Adventure, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, etc

Early Release

early release

It’s super frustrating to wait for your favorite series or movies to be released. Especially if you don’t have a theatre near you to go watch it.

The spoilers you are trying to avoid, wanting to know the actual plot or the ending. It can be super tiresome and more annoying especially if you paid for a premium streaming platform and they haven’t released it.

Sometimes sites like YesMovies, Fmovies, and 123Movies take an edge in that particular area. They released it on their site even before Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Most of the super-early release is in the form of Cam Rips.

Camp Rips are basically videos recording of the movies on the theater made using a camcorder or mobile phone.

The quality sometimes may not be the best, but it does the job.

Working YesMovies URL/Mirror Sites

Note: Most of the URLs listed below are not the original YesMovies, they are a clone or mirror site. To name a few such as – Yesmovies gg, yesmovies to, yesmovies 123, yesmovies com, yesmovies io, yesmovies 2, yesmovies net.

But they still allow you to watch movies for free.

  • Yesmovies.fu

Is YesMovies Legal?

I know the allure of Free. It’s exciting and anxious just to hear the word itself.

Anyway, No! YesMovies is definitely not legal since it is violating copyright regulations.

The contents are not obtained in a legal manner which means obtaining the permission of the copyright holders to stream it on their site which is what Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all the other paid streaming sites do.

Is YesMovies Safe?

Apart from the legal issue, the site itself seems to be safe.

There are not many annoying pop-up ads leading you to various unknown sites who might be infected with viruses and Malware. But they have a decent amount of ads which is understandable as it is their main stream of income.

However, I can’t say for the tens if not hundreds of mirror sites or clone sites of the original.

Since they don’t pay for any licensing which makes it illegal. Even the Indie and B-Movies are not straightforward legal.

If you don’t know already, Indie Movies are a short film or feature film that is produced outside the major film studio system, and the B-film is a low-budget commercial motion picture that is not an arthouse film.

So, how do you then safely enjoy your movies?

How to Safely Visit YesMovies?

There is no one-way solution for all but the one that comes close to it is a VPN.

VPN tunnels and encrypt your data and link between your device and another network. It anonymizes your activities and masks your real IP address.

Basically, it will help prevents ISPs, search engines, websites, hackers, and marketers from tracking your every step and movement on the web.

There are tons of VPNs on the market and it can be hard to choose the right one. That is why I 100% recommend ExpressVPN.

I am currently using it too and I can confidently say it is better than most of the ones I have used over the years.

Main Features of ExpressVPN:

  • Military-Grade Encryption.
  • Hide IP Address.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • No Logs Policy.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Secure Transactions & Conversations.
  • Restricted Content Access.
  • Ad Blocking
  • Global Servers – 94 countries, 145+ servers.
  • Automatic Kill Switch.
  • DNS Leak Protection.

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Should you use YesMovies?

Whether you like to or not is entirely up to you. You can go for Netflix and it’s counterparts if you are looking for a safer way to watch your shows and movies.

However, if you are sticking to YesMovies, It is strongly recommended that you use a VPN to access the site.


Is YesMovies still Working?

Whether the original domain is not entirely sure but there are many mirror working URLs.

What is the Working YesMovies URL?

Click to find out.

Can you disable the ads when using Yesmovies?

Unfortunately, no but you can use ExpressVpn or an ad-blocker for that regard.

YesMovies is blocked in my country?

You can use a VPN to access any Geo-restricted website.


At the end of the day, we all want to kick back, relax and watch our favorite shows and series.

Irrespective of morals, ethics or judgments, it is entirely your decision to visit or ignore the website.

So, you do you.

Disclaimer: This post is entirely for educational purposes alone and doesn’t condone piracy. No pirated contents are hosted on this website.


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