+1-855-836-3987 ☎ Contact Live Person in Google – Looking for a way to talk to a Google representative? You can do so by dialing +1 855-836-3987 to connect with a live human on google support and clear up your queries and questions with appropriate help from Google support.

So, the next time, you need to chat with a live person from Google support, simply dial 1-855-836-3987 and once you get connected to a live support specialist press 5 and then 4.

The system will respond with an automated voice “Thank you, a specialist will speak with you shortly” and you then get connected to a live support person.

+1-855-836-3987 Contact Live Person in Google

Contact Live Person in Google

Simply, follow these below steps to contact a live person in google

  • Dial +1 855-836-3987
  • Press 5 and then 4
  • The system will respond with an automated message ‘thank you, the specialist will speak with you shortly.’
  • After this, you will then be connected to live support.

If this is your first time and not exactly sure which about support option you need to act on, here are a list of Google support menu options for your future reference:

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Entry menu

  • Press Key 1 for apps, downloads, and music from Google Play store
  • Press Key 2 for hardware questions
  • Press Key 3 to check about your recent order
  • Press Key 4 to ask questions before you buy a Google product
  • Press Key 5 for more options

Secondary menu

If you press Key 5 in the Entry menu, you will be directed to this menu where you can choose from the below list.

  • Press Key 1 for Nest support
  • Press Key 2 if you can’t sign in to your account
  • Press Key 3 to get back to the previous menu
  • Press Key 4 if you’re unsure (this option will then get you connected to a live customer service person)

How to Chat with a Live Person in Google

  • Dial the number 1-855-836-3987 and follow the instructions above.
  • For Google Adwords live customer support, call 1-866-246-6453 (1-866-2GOOGLE).
  • For Google Adsense, you can get in touch via e-mail or live chat you will need a working account with Adsense and another criterion are that you must also have a certain revenue per month. Simply Click help on the top right and then under “Contact us” < e-mail option.

If this option is not visible, chances are and it probably is that your account is not eligible for e-mail or live chat support yet at the moment.

You can contact Google Support If you need help in:

YouTube, Gmail, Maps for mobile, Search, AdSense, Drive, My account, Nexus, Hangouts, AdWords, Google Play, Chrome, etc

Visit the contact us page and pick from any one the following depending on your needs. However, If you can’t find your service in the above option, select the Help Center for more choices and functions.

Privacy, security, and online safety

For help regarding any security or abuse problem in Google services, go to the Contact Us page, choose an option, or the product that you want to report of find.

About Google Privacy, security and online safety

What Google has created is protected using a secure built-in safety and secure technologies to help detect and prevent threats, including spam, malware, and other viruses.

International Phone Numbers of Google Support

If you’re outside of the US and want need to chat with a live person on Google. Below are a few of countries with their phone numbers:

India: +91-80-67218000
Russia: +7-495-644-1400
Canada: +1 514-670-8700
Mexico: +52 55-5342-8400
Germany: +49 30 303986300
United Kingdom: +44 (0)20-7031-3000

How to Get Help With Google Products

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Forum

How to Request a Chat with Google

  • Go to the Google Contact page (Or Support Page)
  • Follow the instructions to get to the right support section
  • Select the “Contact Us/ Help Forum ” located in the right top corner.
  • Click on the “Request chat” to start a live support chat.

How to contact Google via email

  • Go to Google Contact page
  • Follow the instructions to get to the right support section
  • Select the “Contact Us / Help Forum ” in the right top corner.
  • Click on the “Email support” to direct to a page where you can fill up all the details of your request.

Google Forums also has tons of useful already answered questions and queries. You can also navigate to Google Product Forums, if in the case that you don’t see chat or email support options.

Google Mailing Address

If you would rather contact Google via mail letter, you can send your mail to their headquarters on the address below:

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA, 94043
The United States of America


+1 855-836-3987 is the number to call to speak with a Google Live Representative. Did you find this article useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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