7torrents New Address: SevenTorrents has finally decided to call it quits after long 10 years in the torrent niche.

For more than a decade, SevenTorrents has been a front runner and one of the most visited movie torrent websites for over 40 million+ users.

It has a huge database of both the old classic and latest seventorrents high-quality movies.

What Is SevenTorrents New Site?

SevenTorrents New Site is WatchSoMuch.

WatchSoMuch Website Links:

If you don’t already know, SevenTorrents has been a serving torrents for around a decade. Last year alone, it serve around six million unique visitors and it’s portal alone has around 200,000 members.

Even if SevenTorrents has decided to decided to bid goodbye, it did transferred their user database to a brand-new torrent site, called WatchSoMuch.

According to TorrentFreak, in 2018 the SevenTorrents team announced that they move the entire SevenTorrents database of movies and users to a completely new torrent site called WatchSoMuch.

7torrents New Address

A closer look at WatchSoMuch – New Seven Torrents

WatchSoMuch has a much modern site design and it comes with a higher level of compatibility with various devices. It also has a much faster search that SevenTorrents.

The site also offers just as huge database and diverse variety of movies and TV shows with over 220,000 torrents, including around 24,500+ various movies, TV and web-series.

You can enjoy the content in 4K, FullHD, HD, 3D, HEVC, DTS, Dolby Atmos, HDR, and various other video formats.

WatchSoMuch also provides the ability to sort and filter out the search results by countries, genres, or ratings.

WatchSoMuch also offers a completely optional VIP subscription for it’s users and offers VPN and provides ads-free access to the portal.

Now, mind you that WatchSoMuch is and may seem like quite a decent successor to SevenTorrents, but it’s still no Hulu, Amazon Prime or Netflix. They are still prone to shutdowns like any other torrent portal is.

If watchsomuch.com is blocked in your country, you can try open using a VPN.

Best Proxies to Visit WatchSoMuch

Use the following proxy to unblock WatchSoMuch:

  • Unblockninja.info: Use the proxy website to unblock WatchSoMuch via mrunlock.pw, unlockproject.men, or 123unblock.party.
  • Proxyportal.org: ProxyPortal is another mirror site to unblock the site and download torrent links.
  • Proxfree.com: This web proxy service can allow you to unblock WatchSoMuch.
  • Filterbypass.me: FilterBypass is another free and simple-to-use web proxy to bypass and unblock social networks and torrent websites alike.

Best SevenTorrents Alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives to SevenTorrents, here are a few of them:

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay can never go unlisted on any free torrent sites. It was founded in early 2000s in Sweden.

It is the largest unlimited torrent website of all time to download movies, TV shows, games, music, documentaries, e-books, etc, and has garnered millions of visits over the years.


Another alternative to SevenTorrents is YTS.am. It has a smooth interface, clear and easy navigation and also has an impressive number of movies in high-def 720p, 1080p quality.

Yts aka yiffy torrent is the best torrent site to download high quality movies and shows.

YIFY Torrent

The third on the list is YIFY Torrent to download HD Movie. YIFY Torrents has a huge and extensive movie library to download. Apart from it’s huge movie torrent database, their file size of each torrent is also quite impressive.

YIFY Torrent is amongst the few and if not the only torrent sites that offer HD quality movies with the smallest file size.


You can use the above proxy services to access WatchSoMuch. However they may be down in some case, but you can access them via their proxy sites or using a VPN connection.

Seventorrents is one of the safe websites to download movie and shows. Unfortunately, SevenTorrents has finally bids adieu after 10 years of their service and is succeded by WatchSoMuch.

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