29 Best eBook Torrent Site – Download Free eBook – So, you are looking for free eBook torrent websites?

There are many of them, but we have handpicked some of the best eBook torrent sites.

If we consider the physical size, weight and price of a Physical book, eBook makes sense as a perfect replacement.

You can read them anywhere and carry them on your phone, tablet, or laptop on the go.

Best eBook Torrent Site to Download Free eBook

Top Best eBook Torrent Sites To Download E-Books/ audiobooks


Torrentsites.com is the first on the list and it is not for nay reason. The site has very simple yet great minimalistic design and also has tons of different genres and categories to choose from.

Depending on your mood and your preference, you can search by eBooks, games, music, anime, movies, TV shows, etc. The site is truly amazing.


Another site on the list of downloading eBook is TorrentDownloads. The name of the site itself is pretty self-explanatory and it has aound 16 million torrents sorted by Movies, TV Shows, Books and many other more.

Apart from books, it also has tons of regional content ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood and many other Asian content too which you can download for free.


Wikibooks is another popular books torrent website. What set’s the site apart from others is it’s huge and vast library of e-books content.

The eBook are available in many different languages ranging from English, Deutsch, Portugues, Italiano, Hindi and many other more languages.

The site has a very friendly UI and easy to navigate around. To download an eBook, select your preferred language and search for the book you wanna download. It’s that simple.


Extratorrent need no introduction if you are aware with torrents. The site is one of the most common and popular torrent sites not only for eBooks but also for different categories like Movies, Books, Games etc. Here you can simply select any eBook and download it for free.

The eBook torrents genre are further sub-divided into different categories such as Fantasy, Life Stories, Education, etc

To download, use the search bar the top header and download the eBook.


Book-share as the name itself suggest, unlike the previous torrents, it is more so dedicated towards books. Via the site, you can read the downloaded torrent file descriptions before downloading just to make sure you get a brief summary of the book and that you are downloading the correct one.

Most of the eBook are named and listed by their author name, title, and subject, you can simply search for book and download it.


Again, this one needs no introduction. The Pirate Bay torrent website has been around for a while now being created in 2003, and although the site has witnessed lots of ups and downs, the site still remains active to this day.

This awesome torrent textbooks site is loaded with different kinds of content and apart from books, it ranges from movie torrents to gaming, amine, and manga eBook torrents.

The site has been constantly targetted by the government and different agencies to shut it down, but so far they have failed to do so and is still one of the most popular and visited torrent sites out there.


Another eBook torrent sites is Kickass Torrents. The site is created in 2009, and quite similar to Piratebay, it also has been constantly targetted by concerned authorities.

You will find over more than Two hundred thousand free ebooks on the website. For instance, if a particular eBook you want is not on their database, you can quickly put a request for the book to be included.

Check back a few days later and hopefully they will be added.

Planet eBook

Planet eBook is another popular eBook torrent site and is a home for free classic literature.

The site has been updated recenty layout and design and is more mobile-friendly and offers multi-format eBooks. As of right now, it has around 50,000 eBook titles in its database, which is updated and growing regularly.


Free-eBooks.net is one of the best reading free ebooks site. The site is very well designed in terms of layout and content design.

The Content on Free-eBooks.net is neatly organized into different sections such as Tech, Fiction, Sci-fi Fantasy, Science, Philosophy, Business, etc

Note that all the ebooks on the site are available in pdf format only. If you would like in other format, you can download them in PDF and convert it to other formats using the various conversion tools available online for free.

However, you first need to sign up on the platform to download the eBook.


The site is founded in 2008 and it offers different eBook torrents to download with tons of magnetic and direct links to download them.

Compared to sites like Piratebay and Kickass Torrents, it is not that much own but it does pretty much exactly the same as Piratebay.


ManyBooks is another torrent website specifically for books where you can download and read eBooks online of different genres.

The site is very beginner friendly and easy to navigate through the site and compatible with pretty much all devices and Browsers.

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is indeed destined to be included in the list. I mean it’s one of the OG in Books torrenting. Library Genesis has everything you need and pretty much every single book known to man all for free which you can access it with a few clicks.

You can have whatever you wanna read in a matter of seconds within your fingertips. Wanna read an academic books, fiction story, novels, name whatever, you can get it through the site.


Torrentz2 platform is based in Finland is one of the best eBook torrent sites from where you can download. It has a huge library of content which you can access anytime and anywhere.

The site is very well organized and simple UI.You can sort by different categories and Genres.


Zlibrary is quite similar to Library Genesis and is the perfect solution to all your downloading needs. However you first need to create an account to download.

With a free account, you can download 10 books daily and you can download more by donating to raise your daily downloading limits.

This is not exactly a torrent site and instead offers direct download. This is better and smoother.


FreeBookSpot is another popular and amazing website which offers you to download free eBooks. Simply use the Genres section and sort by to look for specific subject related ebooks ranging from 90 categories – Adult Novels, Astrology, Agriculture, Algorithms, Arabic,etc.

The books are available in multiple languages. You can search by the Book Title or author name.


EBOOKEE is another eBook torrenting site and offers content from different genres – Fiction, tech, tutorials, non-fiction, novels, computer programming, etc.

It also has sub-category system that are classified into neatly sub- groups for easier access such as “Latest Added Books”, “Recently Viewed eBooks”, “Top 10 eBooks”, “Top 10 Users”.


1337X is popular for not only movie and Games download but it also has dedicated sections for not only ebooks but audiobooks included.

The sites allows users to upload and share their ebooks and the site is very easy to navigate even for first timers to the site making it beginner friendly.

As mentioned above, apart from books, you can download Apps, Software, movies, TV Shows, games, music, documentaries and many other more.


LimeTorrents offers eBook torrent download and similar to 1337X, it also offers Movies, Games, TV Shows, Books, etc. You can find the eBook Torrents on Books category which is located on the menu option or from the list featured on the homepage.

Since, LimeTorrents is a public directory, you can download any torrent including eBook torrents easily with just a few clicks.

Planet e-book

Planet e-Book torrenting site has tons of eBook to download and has over 50,000 books from across the globe in it’s vast library. However, you have to sign up in order to download the eBooks.

You can sort from the different categories- mystery, fiction, non-fiction, technology, youth, drama, etc.


Torlock domain is another popular torrent not only for ebooks but also for various other categories. Most of it’s torrents are verified and contains only working torrents.

Search for the book via the search bar or go to the book category to download. However, the site serves some ads, so it might annoy some users, but apart from that, it is a decent site.

I mean, you are downloading the content for free, so a few ads as a compromise is a fair bargain in my opinion.


TorrentOff is another eBook Torrents site that has been recently gowing and updated regularly. You will find more than a few thousands books on the site.

The site is totally free to use and simple to navigate around the site.


Demonoid is not exactly a torrent site, but more so a search engine for ebook torrenting sites. The only issue with this site is that it the site get banned in a few other countries.

However, you can use a VPN to solve the issue.

It’s like a Google for eBook torrent site and you will find anything on this site. However, if you can’t find one, you can always use the many alternatives. But chances of not available is very low.


Zooqle is another eBook site with a beautiful interface and easy to navigate site design.

The website basically works as a web crawler to find best working torrents. Apart from eBooks, you can also download videos, books, Hollywood high definition movies apps and software.

It’s just the best site for eBook torrents.


Books-share is another best torrent sites for ebooks and contains eBooks from different categories such as Technology & Engineering, Humor, Fiction, Literary collections, Non-Fiction, Psychology, Novel, Religion, and many other more.

It also displays the book language, the total number of pages of the book, and offers a detailed overview summary for every ebook available on the platform.

It has a very simple and clean User-interface. However, you have to first sign up to download.


Seedpeer is an eBook torrent site to download free eBook. It features and list down all the best available eBooks on the screen. You can also use the search bar at the top to search your preferred books to read and download.

It is not the most popular site but it has a huge library of content to download.


The site has tons of audiobooks and eBooks which you can download for free ranging from Fiction, computer, arts, biography, non-fiction, history, novel, crime, etc.

The site has a file-sharing option, so you can share it easily and you can read all your torrent eBook on all of your synced devices.


01Torrent is another free eBooks torrent site where you can download the latest Movies, TV Series, Animes, music, eBooks and many other more

It has a very simple user- interface and beginner friendly. You do not need to register or login to the site to download.

Tech Books for Free

Looking specifically for Tech Books. Using the site, you can download books specifically for tech related categories, Tech Books. You will find tons of downloadable books on Technology, Computers, and Science.

The site is free to use and no sign up is required to download.

MyAnonaMouse (MAM)

The final website on the list MyAnonaMouse to download free ebooks. The site has a huge library of content ranging from educational ebooks and audiobook torrents.

The site has a simple and clean UI and all of it’s ebooks are properly categorized into different genres such as Health, Business, Medical, Novel, Entertainment, Fiction, Technology, Graphic & Design, etc


I hope you have found something that you like to get all your needs for eBooks.You will definitely find some good ebook torrents from any of these sites.

If you know of any good torrent site for books that isn’t included in the list, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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