Through 9apps APK you will be able to download various apps, as well as songs and games. 9apps can be downloaded in your device like any other app but you wouldn’t find it on any of the official app stores.


This app store is providing the best rated and premium apps to its customers with 0 cost. 9apps itself is a free app store.

If you want to download and install this app into your device, then you will need no money to do so. You directly download the version of your need from their website fully free.

As you are using an Android operating system you can easily find the APK file of 9apps on their website and if you are using an ios operating system then also you can find your need on their official website.

In this app store, you will find premium apps even free of cost. For the customer trust, they provide better quality experience and a smooth interface reach the actual needs of their customer.

You can get branded apps that are commonly famous worldwide. Also, you can get famous games for any of your devices depending on the compatibility. If your device fulfills the required compatibility of a particular app, then it will surely run very smoothly in your device.


Wherever we go, if we seek a shop or store our first inquiry runs through the stock of the shop or store. 9apps is also a store where we sometimes seek for our needs and sometimes we seek for any other interesting things which may take our entertainment level little bit higher.

9apps have a huge stock of apps as well as app information by which it will match up all your needs and will never let you feel the need of going anywhere else. 9apps having better quality songs and a lot of entertaining games matching your mood will impress you all over.

You can also find here videos, which can be of different qualities, it can be from 3gp to HD and Full HD. You can download various themes for your different operating system handset. And if you are a gamer then you have come to a platform from where you can come over all your demands.

For every mobile 9apps is having different quality games which are also from low graphics to high graphics. Simply it is an app store that will fulfill all your requirements by providing you Apps, Songs, Videos, wallpapers, themes, etc.


App Versionv3.3.0.4
Last UpdatedYesterday
App Size7.8MB
License TypeFree!
Supported Android VersionAndroid 4.0 +

Features & Benefits of Using 9apps

Below are the features of 9Apps APK.


It has an easy search option where you can easily type what you need for ad get your requirements fulfilled. Or you can scroll through its homepage, which appears to have a good interface of your liking.


Yes, like any other app store it also has ads and pop-ups but you can still feel free to have this app in your device as it never bothers you sometimes the ads also fulfill your needs.

And for the apps inside this app store, all the information of those are described within the description section in the apps. You may which app is advertisement free and which is not.

AVAILABILITY OF 9apps over Devices

Can you get the app in your handset? And if yes then how to get it downloaded and installed. Yes, you can download this app on any of the devices you are using with any operating system.

You need to go to the official website of where you will get a download link of this app, then you need to download this and open it in your device then it will show you the install option.

But you have to be aware of the appropriate version. If you are using an android device and you download the ios version of this app then it will not work in your device which may bother you.

You need to download the proper version which matches your device compatibility. And if you find any issues after downloading or installing the app, then you can contact their developers to solve your issue. They are good enough to solve your problem out.

Items Provided BY 9apps

Games Available over 9apps

You will get similar products in 9apps APK stores which can be get on any other app store. But the specialty lies in its beautiful interface and also you get various popular games which are trending on the internet in the app very easily.

You can get popular games like temple run, subway surf, clash of clans and many more popular games. In the app, you will get three-section written Top, new, and hot. All those sections shows you different kinds of products.

The products which are being top-rated worldwide will be shown in the top section. The products which have recently been available in the market will be shown in the section named new. And the products which are trending all over the world will be displayed in the hot section.

9apps songs

In the world of adventure, we are having lots of new songs arriving each day, whether it is Bollywood or it is from the foreign. The song which makes people feel better will always trend in the market.

And 9apps will help you find out the trending songs on your fingertips. It is not possible if you heard a song that is in trend and 9apps does not have that on its platform.

9apps videos

All the video songs and other video entertainment are widely available on the platform of 9apps APK. The trending videos are also put on the first to get you the ease of access to the app interface.

9apps themes and wallpapers

Whatever handset we are using we have some wishes to make our devices look cool enough to show. And to make our devices look cool we seek extraordinary wallpapers and themes.

And to have a wallpaper matching your imagination you must have to research by downloading so many wallpapers and themes. But in the 9apps platform, you will be able to preview the wallpapers and themes also.

You will get different themes and wallpapers for different operating systems. If you are using android devices, then there are so many android wallpapers.

Even the 3D theme option and live themes option is going to win your heart. It has the option for iPad and pc users also. There is live wallpaper available. And the themes which have its own wallpapers are great in their collection.

By surfing throughout the app store you will must have some fun and entertained experience. This app gives its users a great interest to find their needs within the app by providing exactly what they need.


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