Adventure Time Distant Islands Episode 2: Whether you have known about Adventure Time Distant Islands for months or you’re just learning about it, you might be having some questions in your mind.

When will episode 2 release? Is any trailer out or not? What’s the plot and how many episodes will it comprise of.

With all those questions in mind, here are all details about episode 2.

Adventure Time Distant Islands Episode 2

Release date of episode 2?

To date, we don’t have any exact date of release of episode 2. Recently a teaser trailer was released which noted that the upcoming episode will be out soon. We expect it to release in May. The show is an HBO max launch title.

Is any trailer or teaser for Adventure Time Distant Islands Episode 2 out?

Yes, a very short teaser was out by the Cartoon network. Though much is not revealed from the teaser accept the returning of popular characters like Ice King and Lumpy space princess along with the central heroes.

Further, the teaser ends with BMO along with his beloved robot voice. This confirms the character will play a significant role.

Surely this is neither a reboot nor a new season. However, this is a four-episode special for HBO max that seems to focus on different characters in each of its episodes. It is unclear whether they will blend into one big story or not.

The plot: what is the storyline?

EPISODE 2 titled OBSIDIAN will have a story revolving around “Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. It will portray their journey to the imposing and beautiful Glass Kingdom. Moreover, their tumultuous past to prevent an earthshaking catastrophe will also be shown.

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