Ap Bio Season 3: Remember Jack Griffin from A.P. Bio, who lost the job of his dreams and turned to teach biology in a high school instead?

Well, he’s back to teach our favorite class of the year with yet another season full of comedy and drama.

AP Bio Getting A Third Season

After NBC canceled the series after two seasons, fans were left with disappointment. Their hearts leaped up with joy when Peacock, a Video-On-Demand streaming service in the United States, picked up Ap Bio Season 3 for a highly awaited revival and is now releasing a third season of the same


We earlier saw Mr. Griffin putting the giftedness of his pupils to good use and avenging the ‘death’ of his dream job as well as his dignity by making his rival suffer. Being forced to return to his hometown called Toledo in Ohio, he makes it clear from the very first day that he is not interested in teaching during class.

Throughout the two seasons, we watched the story unfold hilariously as the loyal students help him get revenge for petty things. He wants to escape from Toledo and have a better career as soon as he can, but what can he do when people just keep getting in the way and doing unfair things to him? At the end of the second season, Griffin’s refusal to teach threatens to land him into some serious trouble at the school as Helen (the school secretary) leaves her position to be a learner in his class.

Ap Bio Season 3

What’s Different About This Season?

Not upholding the unofficial title of being a child-friendly series, the season now has some more curse words instead of just a couple of “shit” scattered here and there. An occasional “f*ck” can be heard in the initial episodes, which is a welcome and a real change.

Also, while he usually dismisses the students who fail to help him out by brainstorming some pretty unique ideas about revenge, this season seems to have brought out the selfless heart of Mr. Griffin as he shows some sort of interest in his students’ well-being.


The show stars Glenn Howerton as a disgraced Harvard philosophy professor forced to teach at a high school in Ohio. In addition to that, we have Patton Oswalt as the Principal, Aparna Brielle, Mary Sohn, Lyric Lewis, and Jean Villepique as fellow teachers, Jacob McCarthy and Tom Bennett as students and Paula Pell as the secretary.

Release Date

Produced by Mike O’Brien and Seth Meyers, the third installment can be watched by the fans on Peacock on 3 September 2020, Thursday.

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