Beastars, one of the most popular animes on Netflix. Only after one season, this anime has massively grown in popularity.

Based on the Manga series of the same name, the anime is developed in the Orange studios.

This animal-based school drama anime is a hit. Although all the characters in the anime are animals, it certainly relates to the real world in many ways.

Well, after a successful first season, it was soon renewed for the second season. The news came to us back in July 2020. Now, the big question is When!

When will Beastars season 2 release?

Beastars Season 2

Well, from the announcement video it is clear that Beastars will be releasing in 2021.

Moreover, the production is also under progress. Orange Studio, the studio behind the production of Beastars has been teasing the audience with some production shots.



Now that we have established that the release will be set in 2021, let us now narrow down our assumption. According to Orange studio, the anime won’t be ready until January 2021. SO, we think that it will release around January in Japan. However, the wait for the anime to release on Netflix could be longer.

Well, the first season of Beastars aired from October 2019 to December 2019 in Japan and it came on Netflix in March 2020. Therefore, I guess that the second season will follow a similar pattern as well.

Hence, we can expect the release to be set about 2 months after the second season has finished airing in Japan. Based on the previous season that could be around June or perhaps July next year. However, it hasn’t been confirmed by Netflix yet so, expecting it to release before mid-2021 won’t be worthless.

Further, as far as the Manga chapters that the second season would be covering is concerned. We guess that another 50 would be perfect. The first season covered about 47 chapters so the next one could cover about 50 more.

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